Cell and Tissue Imaging Unit


Our imaging core facility provides the instruments to image biological processes from tissues to single cells and subcellular molecular kinetics. We offer personal user training and support for imaging of fixed or live tissues or cells, including consultation on experimental set up, sample preparation and image processing and analysis. The services include a histology laboratory equipped with modern devices and services.



Institute of Biomedicine
Location in Snellmania Building, 3rd floor, room Sn3151


Kirsi Rilla, kirsi.rilla (at) uef.fi, p 040-3553218, room Sn3214/2
Kirsi Ketola, kirsi.ketola (at) uef.fi, p 050-3299984, room Sn 3210


ZEISS LSM700 (quick guide)
Basic confocal microscope for both live and fixed cell and tissue samples.

ZEISS LSM800 Airyscan (quick guide)
Superresolution microscope for imaging of live and fixed samples with high resolution and sensitivity.

With ZEN software for image analysis.

Widefield fluorescence microscope (Olympus IX71)
Equipped with a microinjection device and relief contrast technology.

Polarization microscope


To view and process you images ZEN freeware is available in https://www.zeiss.com/microscopy/int/downloads.html. Fill the form and you will get the link for installation via email.


University outlook web access calendar:

e-kuo-bio-zeiss_lsm700 (at)uef.fi

ZEISS LSM800 Airyscan:
e-kuo-bio-airyscan (at)uef.fi



  Mon - Fri 8 - 16         Mon - Fri 16 -8,  weekends
LSM700 15 €/h 10 €/h
LSM800 Airyscan      20 €/h 15 €/h



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