UEF Account


For example resetting or changing a password and activating an account is not possible during the service break.

A new member of the staff or a new student can activate the UEF username with online banking codes. The account will be ready for use 1 hour after the activation process has been completed.

External users: you must apply for UEF Account with a separate application form.

UEF Account activation with banking codes

You can activate your user account with your online banking codes.

If the identification process fails with Internet Explorer, try Mozilla Firefox instead. If you see a HTTP Status 403 error during the identification process, press the F5 key from the keyboard to refresh the page. After the page refreshes, the process will continue.

UEF Account activation with one-time code

You can activate your user account with one-time-code which you have received from IT ServiceDesk.

Instructions for activation with one-time code (pdf).

Activate Office 365

You can activate student email in Identity Manager if you didn't do it while activating the account.

Log in to UEF Identity Manager to activate O365: https://am.uef.fi/login.html

On the tab My Account - Email, accept the Terms of Use for O365. On "Change primary email" choose the email to be username@student.uef.fi. All university mail will be directed to the student email. Please note that Primary email is the primary email address, which will be transferred to other systems, for example Weboodi and Moodle. If you have activated the O365, the university primary address will always be the O365 email address, and it is not to be changed to a personal email address.

Save the acceptance of O365 Terms Of Use and the choice of Primary email. When you receive a notification "Operation successful", press the OK-button before logging out of the service.

You can access your email after waiting for one hour.

Logging in to the email is done with username@uef.fi, as with every other O365 service. The email address however, is username@student.uef.fi!

In the Identity Manager you can also change the student email default language to Finnish or English. It can be done on the tab My Account - Identity. Choose the default language and save it. When you receive a notification "Operation successful", press the OK-button before logging out of the service. The change of default language takes about 4 hours to complete.







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