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Digital Environment

The service provides staff, students and stakeholders with a modern digital working environment. The service consists of daily used tools that are easy to use and available anywhere, for any device. The digital environment is built mainly on Microsoft Office 365 services. There are tools available for personal use, for collaboration in workgroups and for the entire university. The services can be utilized in teaching, research, studies and support services.

Service manager in charge Ismo Järvinen

Personal Storage

IT Services offer a 1 TB personal storage space for all university members. The service is offered by Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business. Stored files can be used with a web browser, mobile devices or Microsoft Office software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.). Stored files may be shared with other university members or external users.

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Email and Calendar

All university members are provided with an email service. The service can be used with computers and mobile devices, either with an email application or a web browser. A mailbox is created automatically for all students and staff. Staff email addresses look like while student email addresses look like The mailboxes usually reside in the Microsoft Office 365 environment.

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Digital Forms and Processes

IT services develops and produces digital forms and workflows in collaboration with other university departments.

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Team Sites (work spaces)

Make use of Team Sites in teaching, projects and team collaboration. Collect all related documents, notes, tasks and discussions in one convenient place. Team Sites and their tools can be used with a web browser, specific applications, computers and mobile devices. Team Sites are offered in different environments for various applications:

SharePoint Sites for project and workgroup collaboration

Sharepoint (Office 365) Sharepoint (TeamPlace)

UEF Moodle for teaching and studies
UEF Moodle

UEF Wiki

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WWW Pages

Public web pages are offered for all UEF departments and projects. The look and feel of the web pages are based on uniform university layouts. The web pages are published with the Liferay system containing an easy to use, built-in editor for continued updates.

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UEF Social Media (Yammer)

Yammer is the main tool for the university’s internal communications. Staff and students can boost their work by following the discussions, keeping in touch with key contacts and sharing information with workgroups. Anyone can create new open or closed workgroups in Yammer. Yammer can be used with a web browser or a mobile application.

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Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management is used to manage the usernames, passwords and IT system access permissions of the various staff, student and other stakeholder users. The service uses automated processes to ensure the creation of a user’s username and that permissions begin and end when they’re supposed to. For the most part, the services are accessible as a self-service for the users.

Service manager in charge Markus Hagman

Usernames and Passwords

A personal username is required for almost all the IT services in the university. University staff and students can use Finnish banking identification systems to activate their own usernames. Other external users have to fill a user authorization application in order to obtain a username. University visitors may have access to the Internet, see Networking and Remote Access for more information.

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Access Permissions

The personal username has access permissions for the basic services. Additional permissions for various services can be obtained by using the digital user authorization application.

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Datacenter and Storage Services

IT services offer customized, energy efficient and scalable datacenter and infrastructure services for the university. The datacenters reside in Kuopio and Joensuu and they utilize the latest technology. Availability is ensured with duplicated data communications, server virtualization and replicating storage systems. Services for customers (faculties and departments) include virtual servers and network storage with or without backup.

Service manager in charge Toni Mönkkönen

Domain and Name Service

Domain names can be obtained for university departments and projects.

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Database Services

Database services are available for data storage. The options include Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL databases. The service includes the technical environment, maintenance, version updates and backup or data restoration.

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Virtualization Service

IT services offer virtual servers for university departments. They have the same features as separate server devices, but enable fast usage and good management options. Virtualization improves device capacity utilization, makes new servers available faster, saves datacenter storage space, uses less energy and improves redundancy.

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Redundant and scalable network storage capacity for servers and data is available for departments and projects. Capacity is available in accordance with the customer’s needs. Pricing varies based on various storage sizes and backup options.

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Datacenter Service

It is possible to use the IT services datacenters for placement of customers’ own server devices according to a specific contract. The customer can maintain the servers remotely.

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Communication and AV Services

There are various educational technology solutions available in the university’s auditoriums, lecture rooms and meeting chambers: audio/video (AV) devices and systems, video conferencing devices and communication services. IT services offer technical support for AV and educational technology services and offer consulting services for the university’s renovation and building construction projects.

Service manager in charge Ari Paldanius

Presentation Technology

Presentation technology is a part of the technical and physical (rooms) learning environment. All teaching and conference rooms have some presentation technology available (audio and video devices). The largest single presentation technology environment is the auditorium. It comes with a lot of presentation technology, managed by the user with a single control panel (touchscreen). Presentation technology often includes devices hidden in room structures or the technical spaces of auditoriums. These devices control, transfer or convert video and/or audio signals. The so called induction loop is a part of presentation technology, too, and helps audience with hearing aids.

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Online Meeting

Online meetings in the university environment can be organized with either Lync2013 (Skype for Business) or Adobe Connect, making it possible to participate from your own computer in meetings, briefings or online lectures. Online meetings can include the video and the voice of the presenter and the slides of the presentation. Depending on the nature of the meeting, the audience can communicate either by text with a chat window or using video and audio, just like with a video conference.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing adheres to global standards and includes interactive video and audio communication between two or more parties. Video conferencing usually utilizes a separate device which transmits the video, audio and presentation slides between participants. There are also software based video conferencing solutions available. All devices and software applications adhering to the H323 standard are able to communicate with each other. There are a total of 65 video conferencing rooms in the university (conference rooms, seminar rooms or auditoriums), most of which can be booked using the general room reservation procedure.

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Virtual Room Service (Video Conferencing Bridge)

The University of Eastern Finland has two separate video conferencing bridge solutions available, one of which (Cisco) resides in the university’s own data center while the other (LifeSizecloud) is based on cloud computing. The Cisco video conferencing bridge solution enables combining video conferencing devices (rooms) into one conference. The bridge is needed when there are three or more video conferencing devices involved. A virtual room is created in the bridge for the devices to join, combining the video conferencing rooms into one conference (this is also known as a multi-point conference).

The LifesizeCloud cloud computing service is used when other than video conferencing devices or rooms need to be connected to the conference. Its UC virtual room service enables the participation of Lync2013/Skype for Business applications into the same conference with the video conferencing devices. The conference can also be joined with just a web browser (Chrome) or a free App (available for Win, Mac, iOS and Android devices).

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Live Streaming and Recording (

Live streaming or online broadcasting is suitable for realtime broadcasting of big events, enabling viewing through the internet using the service website. Live streaming will always create the recording, too. The broadcasted video is a bit inferior compared with the recording. The broadcast has a delay of about 10-15 s to the realtime events. Live streaming is not interactive.

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Media Service

Media Service consists of the service. There are several features:

  1. Video recording: Enabling the creation of educational materials from your own workstation, for example. In addition to video (from a usb camera) and audio the recording can include a computer presentation such as PowerPoint slides or similar. The recording is created using the eStream encoder software, and a live stream can be created with the same software.
  2. Live streaming: A live stream can be created the same way as a recording.
  3. Publication: The recordings are published immediately after creating them. The university’s service is similar to YouTube, with public or private recordings. The recordings can be edited and new material can be added to them later. The recordings in the service can be easily embedded in Moodle, for example, even if private. It’s also possible to upload recordings made with a video camera and in the future recordings made with video conferencing devices will be published with this service.

  4. Info-TV: The ESign service is a info tv service. It’s the university’s centralized info tv system and in use in all the campuses. Recording and live streaming services will also be integrated into this service.

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Computers, Software and Printers

IT services offers installations, disposals and support for computers, mobile devices, software and printers.

Service manager in charge Kimmo Kivinen

Computers and Mobile Devices

IT services offers support for various end user devices (computers and mobile devices). The support includes installation, configuration, failure diagnostics and disposals. The devices are usually leased for 2-4 years with matching warranties. Hardware failures are forwarded to the warranty service partner assigned by the hardware provider.

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IT services offer software installations for the customers’ terminal devices. Larger software distributions are installed centrally using tools provided by Microsoft (System Center Configuration Manager, APP-V). Single user installations are done either remotely or through local support. Some specialized software require licenses. Some common use licenses are purchased through IT services, while other licenses are purchased by the departments themselves.

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The university utilizes a centrally managed printing system including about 150 Canon multifunction printers and laser printers. The responsibility for running the service is with Canon Oy, who may be contacted with any issues regarding the service. Contact info is found in a sticker on each device. The following link can also be used to create a support ticket, which will be processed by IT services. We also offer support for the workgroup printers and servers in departments and install personal printing devices. New workgroup printers and personal printers will only be purchased for significant reasons. For reasons of cost efficiency, it is recommended to use the centrally managed Canon multifunction printing service for most printing tasks.

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Information Systems Services

IT services support the stability, availability and utilization of the university’s information systems and promotes their interconnectivity. Services include technical support for the university’s information systems and databases, information systems integration, data warehouse reporting, support for the acquisition of information systems and the coordination of information systems development and architectures in all the university.

Service manager in charge Erkki Törrönen

Information Systems Support

IT services offer technical support for the various information systems used in administration. Information systems support includes technical support for the applications and their databases, and in the case of outsourced systems, communication with the service providers. Some systems are running in the university’s own data centers, while others are running in the data centers owned by the service providers.

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Financial management IT-system support HR management IT-system support Facilities management IT-system support Research management IT-system support Student management IT-system support

Data Warehouse Reporting

IT services develops the university’s data warehousing and reporting systems in collaboration with the other departments in University Services.

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Development and Integration of Information Systems

IT services offer development and integration services of information systems. Development of information systems is usually outsourced, but sometimes information systems development occurs in-house. Integration of information systems enable automatic data transfers between different systems. Systems integration work usually takes place when introducing the systems for production use, but is sometimes needed at other times as well.

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Networking and Remote Access

Wireless networking. The following WIFi network SSIDs are available in the university campuses (Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna). All the UEF WiFi networks require user authentication (username + password).

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UEF (WLAN for staff)

  • The service is available for the university staff.
  • The network is available for all UEF owned and centrally maintained Microsoft Windows workstations.

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UEF-STUDENT (WLAN for students)

  • The service is available for student owned devices, requiring user authentication with the user’s own UEF username entered as

  • Services include eg. printing from your own device (Win and Mac) to student printers and checking your printing quota.

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  • Students, staff and researchers can login to the Eduroam network using their own university’s usernames entered as (UEF users use

Guides and service requests

UEF-CONF (WLAN for conferences)

The service is available for the many conferences organized by the university.

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UEF-GUEST (WLAN for visitors)

The service is available for the university’s visitors who require a wireless connection for a long term visitation.

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Wired Networking

The university’s workstations can be connected to the wired network. The university’s network connects to the Internet with a fiber optic connection and all workstations connected to the local network also have internet connectivity. The speed of the wired connections between the workstations and the switches is 100 Mb/s. The speed of the backbone network and the connections between servers are 1 Gbit/s to 10 Gbit/s. The speed of the Internet connection is 1 Gbit/s. All the internet connections in the University of Eastern Finland go through the firewall cluster located in the Kuopio data center. Users’ own personal devices such as laptops or tablets may not be connected to the wired network. IT services takes care of all the connections concerning the wired network.

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Remote Access Service

The remote access service enables the secure and easy remote use of the university’s information services from outside of the university network. Use the VPN software (Global Protect) for connectivity to the university network in order to access the information systems requiring network level authentication. The Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop service offers a device independent method for accessing information systems, applications and Windows desktops with various devices securely even without a VPN connection.

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