Transfor- M studies

Two universities and two degrees

TRANSFOR-M is a two-year full time Master's programme that allows you to gain international experience and expertise. You will spend one year (either the first or second year) at your home institution and the other at a partner university abroad. The particular course of study depends on the degree programmes of your home and host universities. Work internships give you practical experience and enhance your opportunities for employment after graduation.

Instruction at both the home and the partner institution is in English. You are encouraged to take courses at your home institution that will prepare you for your year of study abroad. If you are a Canadian student and your host university is UEF, you are required to complete an intensive language course in Finnish during your stay in Joensuu.

Transfor-M degree structure

Programme requirements are counted in European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits; each credit in the Canadian university system is worth 2.5 ECTS. One ECTS credit corresponds to 25-30 hours of work.

  • Course work min. 90 ECTS including internship 4 ECTS in Canada or in Finland
  • MSc Thesis 30 ECTS

Total min. 120 ECTS (min. 60 ECTS in both institutions)

Your study plans will be designed individually so that they meet the minimum requirements of the national MSc degree programmes of both your home and host universities. The forms for Tranfor-M study plan, internship proposal and thesis proposal can be found HERE.

Transfor- M studies in Joensuu for Canadian students


You can find the descriptions of the courses available at UEF in WebOodi by searching a course by its name or course number. Click below to see the Curriculums for Canadian students at UEF.

Transfor-M Curriculum 2016-2018 for Canadian students at UEF during the academic year 2016-2017

Transfor-M Curriculum 2017-2019 for Canadian students at UEF during the academic year 2017-2018

Transfor-M Curriculum 2018-2020 for Canadian students at UEF during the academic year 2018-2019

Transfor-M Curriculum 2019-2021 for Canadian students at UEF during the academic year 2019-2020 (NEW!)


For the internship there are several possibilities in Joensuu, eg. in the School of Forest Sciences, European Forest Institute or in the local forestry companies. Please contact your local Transfor- M advisor at UEF for further information and details.


The Master's thesis at UEF carries 30 ECTS. Master's theses written at UEF School of Forest Sciences can be found at the UEF Library as e-publications.

More information and the forms related to the thesis work at UEF can be found at the School of Forest Sciences Study Community: Master's thesis (login required).

Practical Guide for International Students and further information about studies

General information and instructions and related forms can be found in Student Hand Book Kamu (login not required) and at the School of Forest Sciences Study Community: Guides and instructions (login required)

Smart Start 2019 (NEW!)

Practical Guide for International Students

Studying at the School of Forest Sciences

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