Languages of tuition are Finnish and English.

What do you think of when you hear the word “fish”? Do you think of a specific fish species, such as perch, pike or salmon, or merely of a creature that looks like a fish? If different languages, such as English, German and Swedish, were various fish species, linguistics would be an abstract fish through which one can examine the characteristics common to all fish species.

Linguistics is theory and methodology of language. The study programme approaches language from different viewpoints and by tapping into the findings of a variety of research methods. This creates a good theoretical and methodological overall picture of the use and users of language, its structure and its diversity.

Why Linguistics?

Our students are provided with an in-depth understanding of the essence and evolution of language, language acquisition, learning and usage, linguistic disabilities, and the social nature of language.

Theoretical knowledge of language is required in various fields. One of our areas of specialisation is clinical linguistics. We cooperate, for example, with hospitals and study linguistic disabilities. Another area of special interest for us is phonetics. We study, for instance, how different backgrounds affect people’s speech and what functions intonation has in speech.

Studies in linguistics provide an excellent stepping stone to a career in research. The field offers a wide range of research themes. We value interdisciplinarity and have collaborated, for instance, with psychologists, doctors, speech therapists, physicists, computer scientists and engineers. Our students can find employment in various fields, in which analytical thinking and knowledge of linguistic communication are appreciated.

International Master’s Degree Programmes

The subject of Linguistics in the University of Eastern Finland co-organises two Master’s degree programmes in English: Erasmus Mundus Master's in Clinical Linguistics and MDP in Linguistic Sciences.

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