A previous Bachelor's degree corresponding to at least 3 year's of full time academic studies from an institution for higher education is required from all Master's degree applicants. The degree should entitle the applicant to apply to Master's studies in the country where the degree has been awarded and it should be from the same or similar field of study as the studies the applicant is applying to.

Our programmes accept a temporary degree certificate if it was awarded no more than five years earlier. The five-year validity period begins from the date on which the degree was conferred and must not expire prior to the application deadline. In other words, a temporary degree certificate is not accepted if it was awarded more than five years ago. In such cases, the applicant must present his or her final degree certificate.

It is possible to apply even if you have not yet graduated. This depends on the programme so always check the website and the admission requirements of each programme. If you have not graduated by the time the application period ends, you are required to submit  your latest transcript of records. If you receive the degree certificate and the final transcript of records during the application period, it is recommended that you submit them as well.

In most cases, a conditional acceptance is possible if the applicant finishes the Bachelor's degree and submits  the Bachelor's or Master's degree certificate (in original language and as translations, if applicable) by August 9, 2019 (for September 2019 intake) and August 7, 2020 (for September 2020 intake).

For more information about educational documents, please see the programme's website.

Applicants selected to pursue the Master's degree may be required to take supplementary studies (max 60 ECTS). The supplementary studies are not included in the Master's degree.

Please check the specific requirements of each of the Master's degree programmes.