Career advancement

Tenure Track of the University of Eastern Finland

The Tenure Track of the University of Eastern Finland offers the university's most accomplished researchers a swift career advancement path that is based on personal qualification.

The Tenure Track is transparent and it supports the career development of accomplished researchers. In principle, members of the UEF teaching and research staff have extensive opportunities to enter the Tenure Track; however, in practice, only a limited number of highly accomplished researchers will be offered the possibility to enter it. Positions can be opened at different levels of the Tenure Track and it is possible to define, for example, an associate professor position as the entry level. 


Four-stage research career model for the teaching and research staff

The four-stage research career model of the teaching and research staff is a general model which is applied to all members of the University of Eastern Finland teaching and research staff and which defines the hierarchy of positions and career advancement opportunities. The career model for research positions comprises four stages, and the career model for teaching positions three. As a rule, all positions involve both teaching and research. Career advancement within the four-stage research career model is based on merits. Teaching and research positions can be filled through competition based on public notice of vacancy, or through a procedure which is based on expert statements.