Translational cancer research

The translational cancer research area is a consortium of several strong research groups. The researchers' diverse and high-level expertise ranges from basic research at the molecular level to demanding clinical expertise. The research rests on modern research methods and extensive national and international networks. Research provides for a better understanding of the basic mechanisms, diagnostics and treatment of cancer – we bring personalised medicine to the clinic.

Cancer research at the University of Eastern Finland focuses especially on cellular-level genomics and epigenomics, extracellular matrix, cancer markers and clinical applications, environmentally induced cancer and its mechanisms, the use of diverse imaging methods and bioinformatics expertise, and metabolism, transfer, novel administration methods and modelling of cancer drugs. The foundations of translational cancer research rest on clinical sample series which have undergone quality assurance as well as on the related knowledge of diagnostics, epidemiology and treatment.


“The objective is to identify the key factors contributing to the risk of cancer, to improve cancer diagnostics, and to develop increasingly personalised and more effective treatments," says ProfessorVeli-Matti Kosma.

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