The Pre-Conference of The National Conference of Effectiveness Research in Kuopio at 3rd December 2018

The Pre-Conference of The National Conference of Effectiveness Research is for all such master’s level students and PhD-researchers, who are interested in effectiveness research. The pre-conference together with the National Conference of Effectiveness Research offers you a possibility to broaden your understanding about effectiveness research and gives you a way to network with other young effectiveness researchers. The pre-conference is held in English.

The pre-conference comprises a plenary lecture in the morning and abstract sessions in the afternoon. In the abstract sessions of the pre-conference, students will give a presentation of their research and get feedback in a constructive and safe atmosphere. You can come only listen to the plenary lecture and the presentations, but it is possible to earn one credit point by giving your own presentation in the pre-conference. We recommend that you would agree this with your supervisor.


Venue place MS301, Medistudia, 3rd December at 9.30

Please see the program of the pre-conference here

Plenary speaker Professor Reijo Sund, University of Eastern Finland, Finland, Statistical methods in effectiveness research – the optional methods of studying effectiveness with different data, the common pitfalls and examples of how to overcome these

The pre-conference includes in the conference fee of the National Conference of Effectiveness Research (Master’s students: 60 €, PhD-researchers: 100 €). If you participate only in the pre-conference, this is free.

After the pre-conference is an informal dinner at Hygge Bro Smörrebar. The dinner is included in the conference fee. If you participate only in the pre-conference, you can join the dinner and pay it by yourself. For the reservation, please register to the dinner any way when registering to the pre-conference.

Guidelines for the presentations at the abstract sessions:

In your presentation, you can focus on those aspects where you need advice. We ask you to include possible questions concerning your study on the last dia of the presentation. Please notice that the length of your presentation should be 15 minutes at maximum, so that there will be about 15 minutes time for discussion and comments concerning your presentation. There will be two commentators in the oral paper sessions to give you advice with your research. If you are not willing to have any specific comments, there will be just general discussion about your topic.

The PowerPoint file of the presentation should be sent to Janissa Miettinen (janissa.miettinen(at) by 29th of November before 3 p.m. PowerPoint files will be uploaded to the computers in abstract session rooms beforehand, and the presentations will be shared to commentators beforehand. 


Please use the link below for the registration to the pre-conference. If you planned also to participate in the main conference (4-5th December), you should register also to this via the registration form of the National Conference of Effectiveness Research (see Registration page). Two plenary lectures of the National Conference of Effectiveness Research are held in English, but English-language thematic sessions will not be organized (please see “ohjelma” for more information).

Link to the registration form

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Abstracts: Fri 28th September 2018
Notification for accepted abstracts: Thu 18th October 2018
Registration starts: Wed 15th August 2018
Registration ends: Fri 23rd November 2018


Contact information:

Janissa Miettinen, janissa.miettinen(at)

Hanna Ristolainen, hanna.ristolainen(at)