WCTB project organizes, in co-operation with VERA and the North Karelian Regional Film Association a Filmborders series in 2013. The series introduces films about national, topographical, and symbolic borders. Each viewing includes a short introduction to the film, and chaired discussion after the film.

The original idea of Filmborders/Filmgrenser series was initiated by the Border Poetics resarch group at the University of Tromsø in 2010. By the permission of the Border Poetics group, the Filmborders series is organized at the University of Eastern Finland. More about the Filmborders/Filmgrenser-series in Tromsø see the past programs: Filmborders2010, Filmborders2011 and Filmborders2012.

Filmborders program in Joensuu in 2013:

(Download the program in PDF form)

30.1. Born American (Film theater Tapio, street address: Kauppakatu 27, at 16:30)
Director: Renny Harlin, (1985, 93 min, age limit 15 )
Three young Americans are exploring Finland and they decide to cross the border to the Soviet Union. Somewhat obviously they get into a lot of trouble and pay a high price for their breaching of the border. Introduction and chair: Mari Ristolainen.

13.2. Border 1918 (Film theater Tapio, street address: Kauppakatu 27, at16:30)
Director: Lauri Törhönen, (2006, 114 min, age limit 16)
It is 1918, the Finnish Civil War is over and the border between Finland and the Soviet Russia is established. Young Captain Karl von Munck arrives at the border area. His task is to supervise that the border is established. Introduction and chair: Saija Kaskinen

12.3. Good Morning Vietnam (UEF, Educa, street address: Tulliportinkatu 1, room E100, at16:30)
Director: Barry Lewinson, (1987, 120 min, age limit 15)
An unorthodox and irreverent DJ begins to shake up things when he is assigned to the US Armed Services Radio station in Vietnam. Introduction and chair: Tuulikki Kurki

27.3. Kukushka (UEF, Educa, street address: Tulliportinkatu 1, room E100, at16:30)
Director: Aleksander Rogožkin, (2002, 130 min, age limit 16)
Film is located in the end of the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union. A Finnish solder, a Russian solder and a Sami woman meet each other during the war which lead to a confrontation and dialogue between the languages, cultures, and world views.
Introduction and chair: Minna Piipponen and Natalia Taksami

23.4. Borderline (UEF, Educa, street address: Tulliportinkatu 1, room E100, at16:30)
Director: Urs Egger, (2011, 105 min, age limit 7)
It is 1974. The Border between Communist DDR and democratic West Germany is one of the most strictly guarded in the world. The border guards have orders to shoot anyone who tries to cross the border without a permission. One of the guards is young Alexander who is an idealist and dreams about being of photographer. Introduction and chair: Joni Virkkunen

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