Licentiate of Medicine (MD)

We are involved in UEF’s medical doctor training in an extensive and versatile manner. In practice, we are responsible for the entire primary health care education of future doctors. Teaching begins as soon as the autumn semester of the first year starts. Introduction to medicine is the first course we offer, and it is offered throughout the medical training. Practical health centre teaching taking place in a primary health care operating environment continues from the start of studies through to the last year of studies.

Academic subjects offered by the unit include epidemiology, ergonomics, public health, health promotion, clinical nutrition, health policy, environmental health, geriatrics, occupational health and general medicine.

Key topics included in the training include the operation of social welfare services and systems, health promotion, key public health challenges, special issues related to primary health care, work and health, and the health of the elderly.

Important objectives of our teaching include multi-vocational working and understanding and managing vast entities.