Mission, values and tasks


To provide a network of universities specialised in sustainable tourism and multidisciplinary cultural knowledge both in Finland and abroad. The education and research provided by FUNTS will enhance the understanding of tourism as a phenomenon and its increasing importance and impact on economy, society and the environment at a national and international level. The starting point for all activities is to recognise the future challenges in this field.


The values of FUNTS are multidiscipline, multiform teaching, interaction with the tourism industry, internationality and cooperation based on the network of universities.

Network – Shared knowledge, extensive know-how


  •  to offer multidisciplinary Basic Studies in the field of tourism, e-Studies (25–30 ECTS)
  • to offer national, multidisciplinary Master School and Intermediate Studies (25−40 ECTS)
  • to carry out national multidisciplinary Postgraduate Studies (FUNTS PhD School in Tourism Studies)
  • to enhance internationally acknowledged tourism research
  • to promote effectiveness in cooperation with polytechnics, tourism industry and NGOs
  • to enhance information services for tourism research and development