The email addresses for the experts are:


Albrecht Moritz,human geography, socio-spatial aspects of regional bioeconomy development, sustainability of bioeconomy, EU and national bioeconomy policies

Aromaa Eeva, organisation theory, innovation cultures, qualitative methods

van Asselt Harro, climate law and policy

Belinskij Antti, environmental law, water law

Bhattarai Ira, new value chains, economic feasibility and business concepts on bio-based industry

Fraccastoro Sara, the usage of digital and social media tools as fostering mechanisms for the rapid internationalization of Born Global companies and their international sales processes

Gabrielsson Mika, internationalisation; born global; international sales and marketing

Haapala Antti, wood science, wood technology, nanocellulose, new products

Halonen Lea, forest law, environment protection law and law of natural resources

Hartikainen Samuel, recycling of materials such as wood plastic composites, recycled fibers, recyclable plastics and other (bio) chemical analysis of materials, contained contaminants and environmental health risk assessment

Hassan Kamrul, industrial side streams, their availability, use and biorefining sustainability

Heinonen Hilkka, enviromenment protection law

Henttonen Kaisa, innovation management

Heräjärvi Henrik, wood science and technology, wood building, wood industry, bioeconomy, cleantech, quality, modification

Hujala Teppo, Forest Bioeconomy Foresight

Huttunen Kimmo, forest law

Huttunen Markku, microbiological gasification of biomass, short rotation plants, wood associated fungi

Hyttinen Marko, bio-oils and VOC emissions of solid materials and occupational hygiene

Häyrynen Simo, cultural research

Incze Emma, is international business and international entrepreneurship, born-global

Jokiniemi Jorma, new materials from biofuels and emissions from energy production and traffic

Julkunen-Tiitto Riitta, environmental effects of biomass production and quality

Jänis Janne, biofuels and bio-oil

Kaipiainen Erik, short rotation plants and their new use

Kangas Jyrki, effects of forest bioeconomy on the environment and their acceptability

Khanam Tahamina, Sectoral regulation, investment and innovation and dealt on the relation between operators and equipment players

Kilpeläinen Antti, silviculture, LCA, climate change, carbon sequestration, bioenergy

Kivimäenpää Minna, LED lighting in energy-efficient plant production, the effects of biofuel emissions on vegetation

Koistinen Arto, characterisation of biomaterials

Koivula Matti, forest ecology, non-timber products (from forest)

Komppula Raija, tourism marketing, especially customer oriented service development, destination branding and competitiveness, networking and collaboration in tourism, small business research

Konu Henna, planning and development of tourism, wellbeing, nature and water in tourism

Korhonen Jenni, microbiological and cytotoxic tests, in particular food applications

Kortelainen Jarmo, land use management, geography

Kotilainen Juha, mining policy

Kuittinen Suvi, novel products and value chains from short rotation biomass and wood associated fungi

Kulovesi Kati, international law

Kupiainen Laura, chemical process engineering, bio-refining process concept modelling

Laakso Tero, forest law

Lappainen Reijo, pyrolysis of biomass and use of the products

Lau Sylas, novel products from wood associated microbes and fungi

Laukkanen Tommi, consumer behaviour, brands, bank marketing, quantitative market research

Lehto Tarja, forest soil issues, nutrition of forest trees and fertilization

Leskinen Jari, electron microscopy of biomaterials

Mahilainen Saila, novel products from wood associated microbes and fungi

Malin Kimmo, environmental law

Marttila Juhani, mechanical timber modification

Mohsin Mohammed, short rotation plants and their novel use

Mola Blas, biomass production systems for energy, environmental effects of extraction of wood biomass resources, and yield models and mapping

Mustalahti Irmeli, development studies, environmental governance, international forest policy and governance, environmental social science research, development assistant, impact studies, participatory methods, PFM, REDD+

Mäkinen Marko, process and products of thermal decomposition of biomass

Määttä Tapio, environmental law, legal theory, theory of legal argumentation; environmental decision-making

Natarajan, Karthikeyan, optimization modelling, bioenergy, supply chain design, geographical energy planning

Packalen Petteri, optimisation of forest management

Pasanen Pertti, hygiene at work in bioenergy production

Peltola Heli, dynamics of boreal forest ecosystems, sustainability and climate change

Peltonen Lasse, environmental conflicts

Piispanen Ville-Veikko, strategic management, China business

Pitkänen Sari, effects of forest bioeconomy on forest ecosystems, sustainability and acceptability, coordinator of the UEF Bioeconomy Policy NOTE! email: sari.k.pitkanen (at)

Pykäläinen Jouni, forest economy and policy

Pölönen Ismo, environmental law, environmental impact assessment, natural resource law, mining law, forest law, public participation, environmental protection law

Raatikainen Olavi, utilizing natural materials - evaluation of biological activity with in silico and in vitro methods, new bioproducts

Rahman Abdul, Bioenergy and its social importance, GIS, remote sensing, forestry

Raninen Kaisa, analysis of the volatile compounds of the different biomasses and organic products 

Romppanen Seita, expertise in the fields of international and European environmental law. Current research focuses on the legal and regulatory aspects of bioeconomy transition (biofuels, bioenergy, renewable energy) and climate law and policy (LULUCF, Arctic climate governance, SLCP's)

Rannikko Pertti, environmental policy

Sairinen Rauno, environmental and natural resources politics, climate change adaptation; social impact assessment

Salam Mir, short rotation plants and their novel use

Sandar Sandra, novel products from forest industry side streams

Selenius Mikko, thermal processing of biomass, bio-oils and new bio-based products of biomass

Semi Jussi, recreation use of forests, sustainability, rural development

Sippula Olli, emissions and usability studies of biofuels

Soininen Niko, environmental law, water law

Sorvari Jouni, exploitation and monitoring of biological processes in  biomass processing

Talus Kim, European economic and energy law

Tikkanen Jukka, forest economy and policy

Teräväinen - Litardo Tuula, environmental policy

Tomppo Laura, non-destructive measurement techniques for wood and biomass, biocomposites, new bio-based products

Torssonen Piritta, forest biomass production and utilization, climate change, GreenHUB activities of UEF

Turtiainen Marjut, non-timber products (from forest)

Tweshiningilwa Matti, short rotation plantations and their sustainability

Vepsäläinen Jouko, NMR analytics of biomass

Villa Aki, short-term rotation species for the needs of bioeconomy concepts

Väisänen Taneli, biocomposites

Zyadin Anas, reliability and acceptability of biomass based energy industries