Fairtrade University

The University of Eastern Finland became a Fairtrade University in May 2014. The Advisory Board for Sustainable Development serves as a supporting group for the university's Fairtrade efforts.
Criteria for a Fairtrade University:
• At least half of the university's faculties/ programmes/ units decide to start using Fairtrade coffee and tea in their events and catering.
• The faculty/ programme/ unit informs its subordinate departments and units of the decision.
• Active awareness campaigns on Fairtrade and Fairtrade products are necessary especially in situations in which staff members take responsibility for ordering catering for the department's or unit's events.
• The supporting group is also tasked with preparing a separate plan on how to commit the departments/ units to the use of Fairtrade certified products.
• At least one third of the university's subject associations have decided to start using Fairtrade coffee and tea in their events.
• The number of subject associations/ student clubs committed to Fairtrade is sought to be increased every year.
• The Student Union/ student body and the staff of the university set up a supporting group for the project and create a strategy on how to promote Fairtrade within the university.
• The supporting group is also responsible for applying for the Fairtrade distinction, as well as for the related reporting.

In activities relating to Fair Trade, the University of Eastern Finland works in close collaboration with Fazer Food Services, the provider of the university's on-campus restaurant and cafeteria services. The activities include various campaigns, including those organised during nationwide sustainable development and Fair Trade campaigns, such as the Kilometrikisa cycling campaign and the Fair Trade Week. Efforts are also being made to increase the availability, use and public awareness of, e.g., Fair Trade products at the university.
In activities relating to Fair Trade, the university also collaborates with the Student Union and other higher education institutions operating in eastern Finland.