What is Yammer?

Yammer is UEF’s private social network, making it possible for you to stay in touch with other members of UEF, share information between groups and organise various projects. Yammer discussions are protected and only visible to members of UEF; however, it is also possible to add external members to Yammer groups, for example those pertaining a specific project. 

UEF's main channel of internal communication is the UEF//Ajankohtaista/UEF//Current News group. By following this group, you’ll stay up to date on what's going on at the university.

For units and working groups, for example, Yammer makes it possible to replace emails. It is also easy to share experiences and discuss things across unit boundaries. 

Groups in Yammer

Yammer groups can be freely created for all kinds of communication purposes. However, before you create a group, please check if a similar group already exists. The following instructions make it easier to manage groups.

Group names and descriptions

  • When creating a faculty-level group, indicate this with the faculty abbreviation (the abbreviations are derived from the Finnish names of the faculties): "TT//Group name", "YHKA//Group name", "FILO//Group name" and "LUMET//Group name". For example, the Yammer group of the School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education could be named as FILO//SKOPE. This naming practice makes it easier for you to find Yammer groups that are relevant for your work.
  • For tips on how to name your group Finnish and English and how to write your group description, see the UEF Ajankohtaista // UEF Current News group.
  • University-level groups are named as UEF//Group name, for example UEF//Verkkosivupäivittäjät or UEF//Tutkimusrahoitus/Research Funding.
  • Course-specific groups should be named using the course code and course name, for example “2310400/Basic studies in physical education”.
  • Add a brief description of the group in the description field.

Group administration and life span

  • A group should have at least two administrators.
  • It is the responsibility of the administrators to invite people to the group and to make sure that people know about the group’s existence.
  • It is also the responsibility of the administrators to manage the life span of the group. When a group is no longer needed, it needs to be deleted.
  • If there is no particular reason to make the group a private one, it should be open.
  • It is not recommended to upload documents in Yammer. However, you can link a document to a Yammer discussion from, e.g. A SharePoint group. When sharing documents from SharePoint, make sure that they can be viewed by other users.

Where to find support for using Yammer?  

Oppitupa organises training on the use of Yammer. To sign up for training, please do so via the HRM System. Technical assistance is available from IT Services’ IT ServiceDesk: servicedesk@uef.fi.

Read the university's instructions on information processing

The Yammer service of the University of Eastern Finland is a cloud service located outside the EU, and no confidential information such as personal data, academic records or course evaluations may be processed in Yammer.