UEF – Smart science by smart people 

We appreciate passion for science and knowledge; the will to learn and actively create new things.  

Through multidisciplinary collaboration, we produce unique research data and open new horizons. With our strong vision, we are determined to find new solutions and new perspectives in the rapidly changing world. 

We target the use of our human resources so as to promote the achievement of the university's strategic goals. Top-level researchers and teachers are recruited actively and the related practices are flexible. We offer our teachers and researchers a goal-oriented and incentivised career.  

We develop leadership and the management of human resources so as to allow the staff to focus on duties that correspond to their expertise at different stages of their careers. Our administrative and supporting processes are effective, allowing the teaching and research staff to focus on their core duties.  

We are committed to promoting the status of researchers and developing the research career in accordance with the criteria defined by the European Commission. In recognition of these efforts, UEF has been given the right to use the HR Excellence in Research logo.