Upper Secondary School

The upper secondary school of Tulliportti Teacher Training School is a university school that offers its 360 active and extremely motivated students a modern, hi-tech learning environment and a wide range of elective courses, particularly in science and mathematics. We also offer various foreign languages, including Russian, German, French, Spanish and Chinese. Our core values are responsibility, respect, tolerance and a strong sense of community.

We follow the rigorous national curricula with an emphasis on diverse teaching methods, hands-on activities and engaging materials. The teachers are highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to their fields of study, also conducting research or creating materials widely used in schools all over the country. Students are encouraged to pursue their own goals and excel, which is reflected in the rankings of Finnish senior high schools.

Studying at “Norssi” also involves field trips, theme days, cultural encounters with exchange students and study visits to European cities. After-school activities, such as the December Gala or Casino Night, organized by fellow students build community spirit, while singing in the school choir or participating in the student council are the basis of life-long friendships formed at school. As a UNESCO Associated School, we are geared towards international contacts, such as Cern in Switzerland and Taizè in France; as well as with partner schools in Russia and China.