Environmental science and forestry

We invite exchange and visiting students to participate in our non-degree programme in Environmental Science and Forestry. This study programme is designed to provide a firm grounding in different aspects of ecology and forestry. It is designed to promote intellectual and cultural interaction and during the studies we offer lectures, laboratory work, field exercises, and seminars. Students can join us for the entire academic year or just one semester. The programme is jointly organised by the School of Forest Sciences and Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences.

Since the beginning of environmental Science and Forestry programme in 1991, over 1,000 international students have studied with us. In a typical year we have about 55 students from a dozen countries, mostly from our European Erasmus+ partnership universities but also students from North America, Japan and Brazil are a common sight.

Although the Environmental Science and Forestry programme is targeted to exchange students coming from our partnership universities, visiting students from other accredited universities welcomed to apply.  An eligible applicant must have good command of English language and must have completed a minimum two years of studies in the home university.

Further information on admissions and studying at the University of  Eastern Finland  can be found on the admissions website.

Curriculum 2017-2018

Contact persons:

All have an e-mail address firstname.lastname@uef.fi


International student advisor
Dr. Sari Kontunen-Soppela, Senior researcher
Department Environmental and Biological Sciences
Room 360, Natura Building
tel. +358 294 453 055



Programme director
Dr. Jari Kouki, Professor
School of Forest Sciences
Room 267, Borealis Building
tel. +358 294 453 483




International student advisor
Dr. Vesa Paajanen, Senior researcher
Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Room 381, Natura Building
tel. +358 294 453 084



International student advisor
Mr. Markku Ropo, MSc (For.), Amanuensis
School of Forest Sciences
Room 377, Borealis Building
tel. +358 294 453 522