Dr. Seita Romppanen

Dr., LL.M (international environmental law) Seita Romppanen works at the UEF Law School as a senior lecturer in international environmental law. She is also the UEF Member of the Steering Committee, Nordic Master Degree Programme in Environmental Law (NOMPEL) and the Executive Director of the MDP in Environmental Law & Policy.

Her PhD from 2015 analysed the EU biofuels governance in the context of the EU regulatory framework on climate, environment & energy, and the theory on new governance. Her current research focuses on issues such as the LULUCF-sector and climate governance, sustainable bioenergy and law for the bioeconomy. Through her legal research on LULUCF in its multi-level regime context Dr. Romppanen participates the SOMPA project - A research consortium SOMPA project (new methods to manage organic soil fields and forests while simultaneously mitigating climate change).

She conducts research on the EU’s Arctic climate governance and for example participates the  EU Action on Black Carbon in the Arctic (Arctic Council, the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme and the EU) as an expert.

Her teaching responsibilities at the UEF Law School and other universities cover a range of themes under EU and international environmental law. She also manages the UEF-UN Environment course on MEAs in collaboration with UN Environment and is one of the editors of the International Environmental Law-making and Diplomacy Review.

Examples of recent publications:

Romppanen, S: How does the LULUCF Regulation affect EU Member States’ forest management? VUB IES Policy Brief 1/2019

Romppanen, S & Turunen, T: Kiertobiotalouden oikeus osana kestävän talouden transitiota (Law for Circular Bioeconomy in the Framework of Transition Towards Sustainable Economy) Ympäristöjuridiikka, Finnish Environmental Law Review 2019

Romppanen, S: Arctic climate governance via EU law on black carbon? Review of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law (RECIEL 2018)

Mäkipää, R; Soimakallio, S & Romppanen, S: LULUCF-asetus kannustaa metsien ilmastoviisaaseen hoitoon ja käyttöön.  Ilmansuojelu 2018.

Honkonen, T & Romppanen, S (eds.): International Environmental Law-making and Diplomacy Review 2017

Romppanen, S: Niin metsä vastaa kuin sinne huudetaan? Oikeudellinen näkökulma metsänieluihin (What Goes Around, Comes Around – A Legal Analysis of the Rules Concerning LULUCF) Ympäristöjuridiikka, The Finnish Journal of Environmental Law 2017

Romppanen, S.: Biofuels, Chapter 25 in Morgera, E. & Razzaque, J. (eds.): Biodiversity and Nature Protection Law (Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law series 2017)

Romppanen, S & Yamineva, Y.: Is law failing to address air pollution? Reflections on international and EU developments. Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law (RECIEL 2016)

Kulovesi, K., Romppanen, S. & Yamineva, Y.: Introduction to Climate Law's Special Issue on Renewable-Energy Law (Climate Law 2016)


Full list of publications and other academic activities is available here.