Carolina Voigt, PhD, Post Doctoral Reseacher

Expertize: Climate change; Greenhouse gas fluxes; Arctic ecosystems

E-mail: carolina.voigt (a)

Phone: +358 50 562 8735

Room number: Snellmania 3030



My research focuses on climate change effects on biosphere–atmosphere interactions, specifically on greenhouse gas dynamics (CO2, CH4, N2O) and underlying soil and plant processes. I am particularly interested in how a changing climate and thawing of permafrost soils will affect the biogeochemistry of Arctic ecosystems in a future, warmer world.


I recently (2018) defended my PhD thesis, titled “Effects of climate warming and permafrost thaw on greenhouse gas dynamics in subarctic ecosystems”. In my thesis I conducted a number of climate manipulation experiments in the Arctic: warming was simulated at a field site in the Russian Arctic using open-top chambers (OTCs), and permafrost thaw was simulated on intact plant–soil systems (mesocosms) in a climate-controlled chamber. To gain insights into the full ecosystem response to climate manipulation, greenhouse gas flux measurements were complemented with a wide array of measurements on soil and plant processes under different moisture scenarios from peat and mineral soils. My thesis identified permafrost peatlands as a major source of the strong greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O) as permafrost soils thaw. Nitrous oxide is a strong greenhouse gas, about 300 times more powerful than CO2, but current understanding on N2O emissions from Arctic ecosystems is poor. My current research focuses on exploring Arctic N2O dynamics further.


Research interests

Arctic terrestrial ecosystems, climate change, biogeochemical cycles, greenhouse gases, peatlands, permafrost


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