Writing clinic

  • Are you having problems writing an Introduction, Abstract or Discussion section?
  • Would you like help with an essay or report, or a CV?
  • Would you like to make your texts more ‘reader-friendly'?

The Language Centre now offers a one-on-one support service for post graduate students who want to improve their texts and develop better writing skills.

What does the Writing Clinic do?

The Writing Clinic can help you:

  • improve the structure of research papers and essays
  • develop and clarify your ideas
  • understand what your teacher expects in a writing assignment
  • write in a way that's suitable for the readers
  • cite sources correctly and avoid plagiarism
  • correct mistakes in grammar, punctuation and style

How does the Writing Clinic work?

1.The Writing Clinic is a free service for postgraduate students who want to improve their texts and develop better writing skills. An appointment lasts 30 minutes, and starts on the hour. To make an appointment, please contact the instructor, Mr. Gerald Netto by an email to:gerald.netto (at) uef.fi. If you are on the Savonlinna campus, your Writing Clinic session takes place online: you need to be on a computer that has at least a microphone and ideally a camera too.

2. Bring your text along to the meeting. The instructor, Mr Gerald G Netto, PhD,Senior Lecturer in English, will read and discuss it with you, and suggest ways you can improve it. After the meeting, you rewrite the text taking into consideration the instructor's suggestions. Then you can make another appointment if you like, to discuss the changes and get more feedback.

What the Writing Clinic does not do

We do not, of course, write your texts for you, nor do the proofreading (correcting all grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes) or editing (improving the structure, and making other major changes) for you. The instructor's role is to discuss the text with you, and show you how you can improve it: in this process, you can learn how to become a better writer.