Peatlanders Alumni title

Group Alumni MSc. Laura Kettunen Laura worked as part of our team to complete a Masters in Forestry in addition to two summers of hard work in the field. Her focus was belowground biomass development in ombrotrophic peatlands and her patience is second-to-none in processing root socks! MSc. Salli Uljas Salli finished her Master’s thesis in 2015 about the CO2 exchange of boreal bog plant communities. She was also a summer worker in our research group for four years. Currently...

Peatlanders N Kokkonen

Nicola Kokkonen Nicola is originally from British Columbia, Canada where she studied and worked in forestry.  She was wooed to Finland where she completed her Master's in forestry in 2014 and now is studying peatland vegetation ecology in changed environmental conditions. In her free time, she can be found cultivating and culturing anything that she can get to grow.

Peatlanders D Lepilin

Dmitrii Lepilin Dmitrii is originally from Russia and is currently doing his PhD, which focusses on the compaction of organic soils on logged, drained peatlands. If you see him, ask him more about himself and his work!

Peatlanders E Männistö

Elisa Männistö Elisa is originally from Punkalaidun (NOT Punkaharju), Finland and completed her Master's in biology at the University of Turku.  She is currently working on a PhD studying greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands, namely methane and biogenic volatile organic compounds.  In her free time, she can be found swimming in peatland pools and otherwise getting in touch with some of the darker matter Finland has to offer. 

Peatlanders M Cugunovs

Mihails Cugunovs Mihails is originally from Latvia and is currently studying humic layers and mineral soil development in burned and managed forest areas in Finland. If you see Mihails, you'll have to ask him for more details about himself and his work!

Peatlanders A Korrensalo

Dr. Aino Korrensalo Aino is originally from Kemi, Finland and completed her Masters in Biology at the University of Oulu. She started her doctoral studies at UEF in 2012 focussing on spatial and temporal productivity of ombrotrophic peatlands.  She has since become passionate about methane ebulliation, root exudates and measurements that involve duct tape, sledge hammers and epoxy.

Peatlanders J Gong

Dr. Jinnan Gong Jinnan is originally from China and is the greatest (and only) modeller on our team. He has a background in ecology and previous experince in modelling desert ecosystems. 

Peatlanders Tuittila

Prof. Eeva-Stiina Tuittila Eeva-Stiina is an ecosystem ecologist largely interested in plant ecology, soil biogeochemistry and peatlands as impacted by climate change, forestry and restoration. She is easily excited by all of these topics and collaborates widely with a diversity of researchers to connect new ideas about shared interests. Her career started at the University of Helsinki, but has also taken her abroad to Canada, the United States and remote destinations such as...

Peatlanders 1

We are just getting ready for our field season to begin! It's exciting to look out the window and see green returning to the trees and feel the anticipation of a return to the outdoors. Although it's still over a week away, we have great plans in store and we are already testing out equipment and trying to remember what it exactly was that we did last year...