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Open Uni: Introduction to Finnish Health and Social Services System

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9.8.2022 - 15.6.2023
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Sosiaali- ja terveysala, Ravitsemus ja lääkeala, Juridiikka ja yhteiskunta
Verkko-opetus, Itseopiskelu
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Course content: Basic principles of the health and social services system in Finland; steering of the system (e.g. legislation, client choice); future trends.

Modes of study: Online course (online learning environment)

Study methods: Online group discussions and group/individual assignment

Online teaching (incl. online lectures), learning assignments and independent study, group/individual assignment

Study materials: Relevant online materials and readings, will be specified later in Moodle.

Teaching language: English

After completing this course, student:

  • understands the principles of organizing, funding and providing health and social services in Finland
  • achieves abilities to know and understand the knowledge on the future trends and reforms.
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This course is suitable for open university students.

The course is available online and can be studied between 1.10.2022-31.7.2023

Open University registration is open 1.8.2022-15.6.2023 at Opintopolku and UEF website.

The course is evaluated on a scale of 0-5.


This course is free during the 2022-2023 academic year. 

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