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Avoin yo: Digital Transformation in Business 1, lv.2022 - 2023, verkko-opinnot

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The main theoretical concepts of digital transformation, the role of digital transformation in the international business. Digital processes, models, and development.

Study Material: Articles and other study material provided by the teacher (obligatory), video lectures (obligatory)

Study methods: Online-course. Online teaching (incl. online lectures), learning assignments and independent study, total of 108 hours

Teacher: Markus Raatikainen

Evaluation: 0-5

Previous studies:

Recommended Introduction to Management or Introduction to Marketing or equivalent competence.

Language: English

This is an intermediate studies level. The study unit is part of the International Retailing Study Module.

Student will
- know the main theoretical definitions and concepts used for describing and analyzing digital transformation
- understand the role of digital transformation for modern business survival and development.
- understand how to analyze digital transformation process from different managerial perspectives (e.g., IT, customers, business model transformation, organization)
- know the trends and realities of digitalization in relation to business development

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Study unit will be offered in spring 2023. Course will open in March.


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If you can’t identify yourself using the Suomi.fi service, please contact our training secretary; their contact information is below.

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