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Avoin yliopisto: Societal Perspectives on Translation, seminar or a reading circle/ essay, Joensuu, 2022-2023

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25.10.2022 - 13.12.2022
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Sociology of translation; translation ethics; the role of translation and interpreting in multilingual societies; accessibility of multilingual information and linguistic rights; impact and ethical aspects of translation technology.

Study methods:

1) Seminar or reading circle and essays
3 ECTS: Seminar meetings (16 h), reading research literature (approx. 250 pages) and a learning journal, which the student submits as a reflective essay (approx. 1500 words) at the end of the course. The course requires active attendance in seminar meetings (80%).
5 ECTS: Additionally, the student independently studies research literature (approx. 200 pages) on a specific topic or phenomenon addressed in the seminars and submits a written report (approx. 1000 words).

2) Alternatively independent study: essay. The student studies research literature and writes essays according to the 3 or 5 ECTS requirements. The reading material and essay topics are agreed upon with the teacher.

Sign up for the implementation of 3 credits of the course here in the Study path (option 1 or 2). If you wish to complete 5 credits, please contact our training secretary Satu Maarit (satu.maarit.huuskonen@uef.fi).

Get to know the course and its schedules in the Peppi guide (NOTE. opens in a new tab).

Further information:
Language of tuition in the lecture course is English and reading materials are provided in English. Written assignments can be submitted in English or Finnish.

The students will
- be familiar with the basics of the sociological aspects of translation
- understand the nature of translation as a social activity
- understand the roles and impacts of translation, interpreting and related technology in a multilingual society.

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Those interested in the societal role of multilingual communication, translation, interpreting and technology.



Seminar/ reading group Autumn semester, 2nd period (26.10.-14.12.2022).

Independent study: Through academic year, between August 22 and 31 st of July 23.

Assessment criteria:
3 cp: learning journal/essay.
5 cp: learning journal/essay (50%) and independent report (50%).


This course is free during the 2022-2023 academic year. 

For more information on study fees and payment and cancellation terms, please see: Registration, study fees and right to study | University of Eastern Finland (uef.fi). Study right for the seminar/ reading group is between Oct 26th and Dec 14th 2022 and for the essay between August 2022, and July 31st, 2023.

Fees for purchasing/lending literature are not covered by the University.

If you can’t identify yourself using the Suomi.fi service, please contact our training secretary; their contact information is below.

On spring semester 2023 we will move into the new Studyinfo. Courses will be added there in the fall.

After registration:

1) You will receive an automatic email confirmation for a successful registration. After this our training secretary will complete the activation of your study right and will send, within 7 days, instructions on how to begin your studies, in a separate email.
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Questions concerning registration, tudying fees, study rights:

Training secretary Satu Maarit Huuskonen, satu.maarit.huuskonen@uef.fi, puh. 050 473 2831.

Questions concerning the study module:

Coordinator Krista Sutinen, krista.sutinen@uef.fi, puh. 050 564 0498.


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