Auditoriums and lecture rooms


Kuninkaankartanonkatu 5, 57100 Savonlinna

Campus map

Facility reservations

Main building (A), ground floor

A002 IT room (12)
A012 Knitting and weaving room
A040 Washing and cleaning technology room (16)
A045 Teaching kitchen (14)
A046 Lunch room (16)

Main building (A), 1. floor

A104 Arts room (24)
A108 Arts room (20)
A118 Auditorium, Sampo (166)
A130 Video conference and meeting room (10)
A150 Lecture room (30)
A156 Teaching kitchen (12)

Main building (A), 2. floor

A201 Lecture room (52)
A203 Lecture room (32)
A204 Lecture room (28)
A216 Hall, Aino (168)
A225 Thread techniques room (18)
A227 IT room (10)

Main building (A), 3. floor

A301 IT room (15)
A304 Performing arts (26)
A305 Clothing design room (14)
A308 Lecture room (16)
A309 Lecture room (40)
A312 Textile crafts room (16)

Main building (B), 2. floor

B202 Music room (24)
B203 Music room (24)
B304 Conference room (16)

Main building (B), 3. floor

B305 Lecture room(20)
B306 Auditorium (60)
B322 Lecture room(30)
B323 Lecture room(30)
B325 Video conference and meeting room (15)