Plant biotechnology

In the Kuopio campus of the University of Eastern Finland the research on plant biotechnology has close links to the areas of expertise defined in the strategy: Environmental change snd sufficiency of natural resources and health.

The mechanisms of metal hyperaccumulation and hypertolerance have been in the interest of researchers around the world for many years. How are some plants able to accumulate in their aboveground parts such remarkable amounts of zinc, cadmium and nickel? The University of Kuopio was the first one to start exploring this fascinating topic at the molecular level. The research continues as an international collaboration by taking advantage of the latest molecular biological tools and bioinformatics.

Studies on soft fruits started already in the 1980s, providing new opportunities for the regional soft fruit cultivation and processing activities. Based on our studies, new arctic bramble, sweet rowanberry and blueberry varieties have been adopted for cultivation in Finland. Inspired by these studies, extensive research on bioactive compounds in berries were started in the University of Kuopio. In addition, studies on plant protection and development of disease resistant varieties are important for securing the yield and production of high quality berries.