Sampson Saj Andoh

I am Sampson Saj Andoh, a Ghanaian born young scientist. Currently I am an Early Stage Researcher with the Institute of Photonics. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics (specialization- medical Physics) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi Ghana and Master of Science degree in Physics (Photonics) from the University of Eastern Finland. After my early introduction to optics and photonics in my Senior High School and undergraduate studies, I became fascinated with the enormous potential it possesses. I developed a strong interest in photonics and its potential. This drove me to apply for and accept a position as a master student in photonics in the University of Eastern Finland. My masterwork introduced me various aspects of optics and photonics; from the very basic to expert applications of these.

Now I am in my final stages of my doctoral studies that seeks to develop a simple but effective and efficient optical tool in detecting adulteration in edible oils. Edible oil is a basic component of a well-balanced meal; however, edible oils have become viable for economically enhanced adulteration. Adulteration in edible oil take the form of dilution (such as addition of inferior oil to premium ones), addition of authorized additives (such as enhancing the hue of olive oil with copper chlorophyll), and many others. This tool would also have the potential for forensic and analytical detection in other liquids such as blood, urine, wines and beverages.

Finland and University of Eastern Finland have given me a wonderful opportunity, serene and cordial atmosphere to develop as a young Scientist. With it’s greenly environments, wonderful place in raising a family, and open-mindedness I love living in Finland. I am working very hard that after my doctoral studies, I get to continue to post-doctoral level in UEF or other University.