Research Projects

Prof. Elina Oksanen, Dr. Markku Keinänen, Dr. Jennifer Dumont, Ilkka Porali, Maya Deepak, Lars Granlund. Spectral imaging of plants.

Prof. Elina Oksanen, Dr. Juha Mikola (University of Helsinki), Dr. Kaisa Nieminen (Natural Resources institute Finland), Dr. Tarja Silfver (University of Helsinki), Dr. Sarita Keski-Saari, Maya Deepak. Betumics project - Towards more efficient Arctic research using dominant Betula species, spectromics and genomics.

Prof. Elina Oksanen, Dr. Anu Söber (University of Tarto, Estonia), Dr. Markku Keinänen, Dr. Sari Kontunen-Soppela, Dr. Viivi Ahonen, Dr. Sarita Keski-Saari, Jenna Lihavainen. Metabolic and molecular responses of birch and aspen to altered air humidity.

Prof. Elina Oksanen, Dr. Sari Kontunen-Soppela, Dr. Sarita Keski-Saari, Dr. Matti Rousi (Natural Resources Institute Finland). Adaptation of birch to climate change.

Prof. Elina Oksanen, Dr. Vivek Pandey (National Botanical Research Institute, NBRI, Lucknow, India), Dr. Sari Kontunen-Soppela, Dr. Sarita Keski-Saari, Ashutosh K. Pandey, Baisakhi Majumdar. Ozone sensitivity of the most important Indian crop and tree species.


See more about the projects at the web pages of the Plant Ecophysiology Group.



Dr. Elina Vapaavuori, Dr. Mikko Anttonen, Boy Possen (Finnish Forest Research Institute, METLA). Adaptability of Silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) to global warming and changing water regime in future climate

Dr. Didier Le Thiec, Jennifer Dumont, INRA, Nancy, France, Ozone-induced changes in metabolites of three poplar genotypes

Prof. Jussi Kukkonen, Stanley Agbo. Response of Lumbriculus variegatus metabolites to model chemical contaminants and hypoxia.

Prof. Matti Vornanen, Dr. Jaakko Haverinen, Anoxia-induced changes in metabolism of crucian carp (Carassius carassius L.).

Dr. Juha Mikola, Ulla Paaso, University of Helsinki, Changes in leaf metabolites during leaf senescence and litter decomposition

Prof. Jaakko Kangasjärvi, University of Helsinki

Prof. Ari Pappinen, School of Forest Sciences

Dr. Tapani Repo, Dr. Marja Roitto, Finnish Forest Research Institute, METLA

Dr. Paula Kankaala, Dr. Ursula Strandberg, Minna Hiltunen.