School of Medicine

School of Medicine is the biggest department in the Faculty of Health Sciences. We're a multidisciplinary educational and research institution of the University of Eastern Finland. In order to achieve flexibility in operations our School of Medicine is sectioned into the following units:  Institute of Biomedicine, Institute of Dentistry, Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, and Institute of Clinical Medicine.

UEF School of Medicine organizes tuition in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Nutrition, Biomedicine and Health Promotion (including majors in the Promotion of Pubic health and Well-being at work, as well as Health-enhancing Physical Activity). Our university is an active international educator. To Bachelor graduates we offer Master of Science Degree Programme in Public Health and a Master of Science Degree Programme in Biomedicine. We also cooperate with international exchange programmess in various fields of science.

The stregth of our research is derived from the long-term and internationally acknowledged scientific methods of elucidating molecular-level causes of key chronic deseases, as well as developing methods of their prevention and treatment.

Directors of the department and the institutes:

A.I.Virtanen Institute
School of Pharmacy
Department of
Nursing Science
School of Medicine
Public Health and
Clinical Nutrition
Clinical Medicine