The Academy of Finland

Since September 2016, the Academy of Finland has required that research data and methods are opened for further use. However, for justifiable reasons the data may have different degrees of openness, varying from completely open to classified. The openness of science should be promoted in accordance with the principles of research integrity and the legal framework.

The research data is dealt with twice in the research funding application: 1) The research plan must describe the research data used, justify its use in the research, describe its relevance, collection or acquisition and use. 2) A new requirement is that the application must include a data management plan where the issues related to the data’s management, storing, opening and usage rights are presented. 

You can write the data management plan with the help of the DMPTuuli planning tool. The Academy of Finland guidelines for the writing of a data management plan can be found from both the DMPTuuli and Academy of Finland’s pages.

The Academy of Finland recommends that the research projects funded by the Academy should store and open the research data in a national or international data archive or research data storage service important in their own discipline.

The European Commission

The European Commisson’s Horizon 2020 framework programme and the European Research Council (ERC) recommend, though not yet require, that the research data is opened. However, the Horizon 2020 programme has an open research data pilot that is extended to cover all the fields of research in 2017.

It does not affect to the assessment of the funding application whether or not the applicant takes part in the pilot. For this reason, an actual data management plan is not required when applying for the funding. However, after the funding decision, those taking part in the pilot must produce a data management plan within six months after the project has started. In addition, the plan should be updated when necessary during the project.

Horizon 2020 framework programme’s guidelines for the data management of the projects funded by the programme can be found from the DMPTuuli. 

Other funders

Foreign research funders, such as National Science Foundation, Trust, Wellcome Trust, CERN and National Institutes of Health (NIH) require that the data on which the findings are based on is openly available. From the national funders, Tekes will recommend more or less the same.

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