Service Management, Joensuu Campus

Master’s Program in Service Management, Joensuu Campus

Are you interested in developing your skills in Marketing and Management? Would you like to see yourself working as an expert or leader in a service business?  How about Marketing Management in tourism services? Moreover, could you imagine yourself working in a service business as an expert of Marketing and Management improving the Finnish well-being and competitiveness and, thus, influencing the success of companies in a global world? If so, this is the theme area for you!

What is Service Management?

Customers, markets, leadership, and human resources are the key dimensions affecting the business success. It is of utmost importance that companies understand their customers and take care of their employees. After all, it is about the long-lasting relationships with stakeholders that enable companies to provide better service. Furthermore, the customers’ and other stakeholders’ satisfaction can be assured with a good and effective leadership.

The management of both the internal and external relationships has become a central issue in the traditional service sector and in manufacturing alike, as well in the public sector. All in all, Service Management is about making, enabling, and delivering promises. Customers’ choices are based on perceived benefits that is customer value. Thus, the studies of Service Management will familiarize yourself with the process of value creation to customers and other stakeholders. The fundamental view is the idea of a customer oriented service thinking and management that represents the creation, management, and maintenance of the trustworthy internal and external relationships in a dynamic business environment.

What kind of studies?

The studies of Service Management integrate the key subjects of Marketing and Management responding, hence, to the future challenges of a competitive service business. The studies of Service Management are not solely based on theory but the collaboration in practice with different companies will be part of the studies since the beginning. This kind of combination of theory and practice will offer students a great advantage in the future labor market.

In addition, as a university student you will have the access to the most updated research. In Service Management the most actively researched themes in our faculty brand marketing, tourist behavior, and trust. All the research work updates the education we are offering to our students. Further, international collaboration and mobility is also a priority for us and therefore, we have several international teachers visiting our university and lecturing on the current topics of Marketing and Management every year. In our university, you will also have an excellent opportunity to leave for an international exchange period or a practical training.

In the advanced special studies you have the opportunity to orientate yourself to Brand Marketing, Competitiveness, Change Management and Trust, and Travel and Tourism Business. These will be shortly introduced below: 

Brand Marketing

In the studies of Brand Marketing the brand is discussed as a creator of added value both to companies and consumers. Brands have become sources of competitive advantage critical to business success. In addition, brands have a significant role in consumer behavior. Therefore, the studies of Brand Marketing are based on the development and refining of the company’s brand, identity, and reputation in variety of business environments as well as on the consumer’s behavior in a present brand centric society. These studies will give you excellent capabilities to work both in different managerial duties such as customer manager, brand manager, and marketing manager and in several tasks of an expert such as researcher.

Competitiveness, Change, and Trust

The studies of Competitiveness, Change, and Trust focus on the management of competitiveness, vitality, and renewing of service organizations. Continuous organizational change requires understanding and the competence of leading change. Therefore, the studies involve all the elements, resources, skills, and processes that influence the vitality and success of a service business in international markets.

In the future, competitiveness will be based more and more on knowledge, human intellectual capital and competences, and continuous renewal. Hence, managing intangibles such as the development of trust, co-operative relationships, identity, and cultures in the organizations will be emphasized in these studies. Additionally, social skills, team and co-operation competencies, and the identification of the strengths of an organization are key issues in these studies. The studies of Competitiveness, Change, and Trust will give you excellent capabilities to work in different tasks of an expert or a supervisor (e.g. personnel manager, teacher, and trainer). The career as a researcher may also be a possibility.

Travel and Tourism Marketing

The studies of Travel and Tourism Marketing are based on the common marketing theory and research highlighting, however, the special characteristics of marketing in the tourism industry. The aim is thereby to get acquainted with the basic elements of destination management that is the knowledge of tourist’s behavior, the enablement of experiences, and destination branding. You also have the opportunity to deepen your studies by choosing the Tourism Basic and Subject Studies organized by Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies (FUNTS) as your minor subject.

The studies of Travel and Tourism Marketing will give you excellent capabilities to work in different tasks such as sales, marketing, consultant, and supervisory duties in travel and tourism sector (e.g. hospitality industry, traffic corporations, tour operators, city marketing). Also research work could be one possibility for you (Read more about postgraduate studies in Tourism Business).