Joint IMLEX study programme

IMLEX programme provides a multidisciplinary and innovative approach combining Imaging, Lighting and Information Technology. The objective is to educate students in advanced technologies, methodologies and practical applications with two goals: to improve the career prospects of graduates and to meet the needs of industry and society. Students will develop professional and social skills useful in both European and Japanese cultural context. Graduates will have competences in: Extended reality (XR): Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality (AR, MR, VR); industrial environments with robots and complex elements; Imaging; Rendering; Lighting.

All IMLEX students start their studies in September, for fundamental courses of semester 1 at the University of Eastern Finland: preparatory courses in Photonics, Information Technology, Imaging, and Robotics.

For the semester 2, students choose their track: Computational Imaging at the University Jean Monnet, or Lighting at the KU Leuven. The preferred track will be indicated already when filling in the application form.

The second study year, semester 3, starts in October in Japan at Toyohashi University of Technology, with topics of Lighting and XR / Computational Imaging and XR.

Semester 4 is dedicated for the Master's thesis in one of the partner universities or in the industry.

The programme is completely taught in English. Students are encouraged to study the local languages, especially Japanese.