IMLEX curriculum

IMLEX study programme is divided in two study tracks:

Lighting track (UEF - KU Leuven - TUT - Thesis)

Computational Imaging Track (UEF - UJM - TUT - Thesis)

All applicants will indicate their preferred track in the application phase, and the track choice will be defined during the student selection process. Selected students will be informed of their track in the letter of admission.

Semester 1

Fundamental courses at the University of Eastern Finland:

preparatory courses in Photonics, Information Technology, Imaging, and Robotics.

Semester 2

Lighting at the KU Leuven, Belgium


Computational Imaging at the University Jean Monnet, France

Semester 3

Lighting and XR / Computational Imaging and XR at Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan

Semester 4

Master's thesis in one of the partner universities or in the industry, with co-supervision from another partner institution