In the School of Humanities, we have targeted our research at one of the internationally top research disciplines of the University of Eastern Finland, Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters. As an emerging field of study, we develop humanistic technology research.

Within a top level of research, our studies are focused on the following two key themes: 1) languages and translating in contact situations and 2) cultural encounters and change at a local and global level. Global challenges that the research aims to answer have occurred as a result of strongly increased socio-cultural heterogeneity as well as interaction and mobility across boundaries.

In the emerging field of research on technology in humanities we have also focused in particular on the following two themes: 1) the cultural study of technology and 2) the study on language and translation technology. Research-related challenges in this field of study arise from a surprisingly quick development of technology and changes it causes in people’s living environments, as well as all of those multidisciplinary opportunities that a renewable technology offers for studies in humanities.

The guiding principles in research include multidisciplinarity and the great social importance of research results.