The Division of Human Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University pursues an integrated approach in human nutrition education and research at the level of the cell, the individual, and the population. The Division covers the full causal chain from determinants of food choice to the impact of foods and nutrients on health and disease. Within this Division, the Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics research group investigates the molecular mechanism of action of dietary nutrients and their impact on human health and metabolism.

Within EDCMET, the Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics group will be involved in the assessment of the metabolic effects of EDs using in vivo models and OMICS tools. The groups has long standing expertise in the study of metabolic dysfunction in rodent models, as well as in the application of OMICS tools in nutrition and metabolism research.


Sander Kersten, PhD
Professor of Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics
Division of Human Nutrition and Health

Wageningen University
Stippeneng 4
6708WE Wageningen

Phone: +31 317 485787 or +31 317 485177