The Group of study on Trace Pollutants in Humans of the Department of Environmental Chemistry of the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDӔA-CSIC) is devoted to the analysis of organic pollutants and metals of environmental or toxicological interest that are present in air, water, sediments, soils and organisms as well as those found at trace levels in human fluids such as serum, breast milk, urine, meconium, hair and exhaled breath. The developed methods are designed for the analysis of large numbers of samples to be consistent with the requirements of cohort studies. The group performs research on modelling the human intake processes of these compounds and participates in the study of correlations between internal pollutant doses and health effects.

Within EDCMET, the group will study the concentrations of selected EDs such as hexachlorobenzene, 4,4’-DDE and other DDT metabolites, polychlorobiphenyls (including congener 99), vinclozolin, 3-phenoxybenzoic acid, carbofuran and bisphenol A. Analytical methods for the analysis of these compounds in urine or serum will be developed if needed. In addition, new EDs identified upon application of EDselect will be measured in the samples collected from the cohorts as this group has recently acquired a GC-MS provided with a q-exactive Orbitrap that allows the non-target identification and quantification of compounds with high-resolution mass spectrometry. This partner has also LC-MS with the Orbitrap technology that allows obtaining mass spectra in scan modes without loss of sensitivity. This task will allow the experimental check of the in silico ED results by analyzing the new Eds in human fluids and study of the metabolic dysfunctions in the cohorts. CSIC has a strong expertise in the development of the analytical methods for analysis of trace constituents.


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