Eurosafe has long-standing experience of working in the field of absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination (ADME), in vitro metabolism studies such as CYP enzyme phenotyping, inhibition and induction studies, transporters studies, drug-drug interaction studies for pre-clinical drug development. Eurosafe also has expertise in the domains of in silico studies such as structure modeling and molecular docking for protein structure prediction for individual or small set of proteins, toxicity screening and quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) and tissue specific screening. The in silico omics studies also extend to search for signature sequences on HepaRG genome for toxicity prediction of test compounds and EDs.

Within EDCMET, Eurosafe will participate to WPs 1, 2 and 5.
WP1: In silico methods to identify endocrine disrupting effects of chemicals
WP2: In vitro and omics methods to assess metabolic effects of Eds
WP5: Dissemination and outreach


Dr. Ashwani Sharma     Dr. Solenne Martin