Student tutors

The International Mobility Services will try to provide each incoming student with a student tutor. Tutors are students, mainly Finnish, who volunteer to help international students. Tutors are trained to help incoming students adapt to Finland, the new town and the University of Eastern Finland.

Tutors will help the international students familiarise themselves with everyday routines (e.g. banks, shopping, housing) and show them around the town and the university campus. Please note that tutors have other duties as well, and will not be available for you at all times.

Your tutor will contact you by e-mail a few weeks before the semester begins. Make sure you have provided International Mobility Services with a valid e-mail address that you check regularly. When your student tutor contacts you, please reply to the message so that they know you received it. And as soon as you know your arrival details, please inform your student tutor about them.