Student card

The Student Union provides various services for university students. Under the student union act, all undergraduate degree students (completing Bachelor's or Master's degree at the University of Eastern Finland) are required to join the Student Union. Exchange students studying in Finland for longer than three months are welcome to join the Student Union, but are not obliged to do so. If the exchange student's study period at the University of Eastern Finland lasts less than three months, it is not possible for them to join the Student Union. To become a member, one must pay the membership fee. It entitles students to the services of Student Health Service, discounts on meal prices in the cafeterias on campus and at a number of shops, stores and restaurants, and to 45-55% discount on long distance train and bus fares.

For postgraduate (Doctoral) students, who have already completed their Master's degree, the Student Union membership is voluntary. They are entitled only to the local discounts the Student Union has negotiated with some of the local shops. Postgraduate students are not entitled to subsidised meals, travel discounts or Student Health Services.

The membership fees for the academic year 2018-2019 are for Bachelor's or Master's degree students €126/full year and €65/semester and for Doctoral students €56/full year and €30,5/semester. Memberships of less than one semester will not be considered.

Students who have paid the Student Union (ISYY) membership fee can order a student card. How to order your student card, see page Student card and the term sticker.

Finnish personal identity code

International students staying longer than three months in Finland should obtain a Finnish Personal Identity Code (henkilötunnus). You need it for e.g. activating your student card, opening a bank account, and for university database and statistical purposes. The personal identity code will also make it easier to deal with different Finnish authorities.

In order to get a Finnish Personal Identity Code you have to visit the local Register Office during the first three months of your stayAsk to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System - this means that you get your Identity Code and your postal address in Joensuu/Kuopio is registered.

After receiving the identity code, please inform the Student and Learning Services about it either by visiting the office or sending an email. You can visit our office and present the identity card or another document that displays the identity code. If you cannot visit our office in person, you can also inform us on your identity number by email: opiskelu(at) Your identity code will be entered into the student register only after the Student and Learning Services receive it, and only after that you will be able to order your digital student card.

Students from non-EU/ETA countries can apply for the identity code when applying for the residence permitRead more.