Self-study facilities

Self-study facilities are designed for students to work independently.


Self-study facility, Oppari, Carelia: ground floor. 
96 computers
The following computer labs are also available if there is no scheduled teaching in them:

Agora AG211
Aurora II Atrium (KTL)
Borealis BOR102
Futura F226
Metria MP102, MP103, M304
Natura N202


Computer classes for 24/7 studying

Computer classes MP102 and MP103 are open 24/7. However, using those classes outside the normal opening hours requires an access badge. To get access badge, contact facilities management office (Aurora II) More information here

Teamwork facilities in Carelia

There are five teamwork rooms reserved for students on the second floor of the library in Carelia: 2A1, 2A2, 2A5, 2A6 and 2A7. Rooms have seats for 8 to 10 people. All rooms are equipped with a computer and a large monitor.

Reservations for the present week can be made directly in the list by the door. If you want to reserve the room for a later date, please contact the Oppari help desk on the ground floor. It is possible to reserve a team work space for two hours at a time.


On-campus self-study facilities (Canthia, Snellmania, Kukkola) offer students the use of a total of 190 computers.


Contact information: tel. 040 355 3626 email: oppari[at]

The study space in the front (46 computers) is intended for casual studying - it is possible to work alone or in a group, and discussions with others are allowed.

The space is divided by the service desk that offers help during opening hours.

The same space offers two accessible working stations that have height-adjustable desks. They are located so that it is easy for the person using the station to ask for help from the service desk when necessary.

The spaces in the back  (58 computers) are meant for quiet independent study. These stations are divided with screens.

Printers are located next to the service desk.

There are two kinds of teamwork rooms. The bigger ones (5) have a large 46" monitor, a computer, video conference equipment, digital tv, and a flip chart. There is room for eight people. The smaller ones are equipped with a computer, a scanner, a large computer desk and two smaller group stations. You can reserve a teamwork space by contacting the service desk (tel. 040 355 3626). Reservations are made for two hours at a time..

Oppari offers also a space for relaxation. You can watch TV or read newspapers.

24/7 Kukkola

Open: 24 h

Karsina is located in building Kukkola on the ground floor.

Self-study space Karsina (24h) is at your disposal all year and all day round. You need a key card to access the room. You can get the key at the key services.


40 work stations with basic software. Printer available.

The self-study space follows the opening hours of the Kuopio Campus Library,

Corridor computers

In Canthia and Snellmania students can use so-called corridor computers. They are intended for e.g. checking email or browsing the internet. It is not possible to print from these computers.


Self-study facility (A211) is located in the second floor of the main building.

The following computer labs are also available for students if there is no scheduled teaching:

Building Room
Main building A002
Main building A227
Main building A301
Taitotalo Ground floor computer lab