Oppari Help Desk


University Library, Carelia building (ground floor)

tel: 050 567 4209
e-mail: oppari[at]uef.fi

Help desk offers assistance in the following:

  • personal guidance in using different software and to some computing problems.
  • checking the printing quota
  • memory card reader (most common formats)
  • guidance in using of scanner
  • recovery of lost files


Canthia building, 2nd floor

tel: 040 355 3626
Email: oppari[at]uef.fi

The Oppari help desk is staffed by a systems analyst, an IT advisor and an IT support officer. They will provide advice and answer any queries you may have regarding the use of computers, including printing and changing the password (UEFAD)

  • Passwords: UEFAD
  • Print credits
  • Guidance in using of scanner
  • Colour printing, laminating
  • Teamwork rooms
  • Memory card reader (most common formats)
  • Equipment (voice recorder, photo camera, video camera)
  • You can buy DVDs and CDs, as well as USB drives
  • Electronic exam


Room SOKL A215

tel. 050 340 6284 / 040 355 3626 (evenings 16-18 and Sat 10-14 tel 050 5674209)

Jorma Nyrhinen, jorma.nyrhinen[at]uef.fi