Electronic exam

The University of Eastern Finland has two electronic exam systems: stentti (https://stentti.uef.fi) and exam (https://exam.uef.fi/).

Electronic exam enables the students to take course exams, literature exams and maturity exams electronically in supervised facilities.

The system is suitable for exams that do not contain the same set of questions for all students. The exam system selects a set of questions for each student from the questions entered into the system by the teacher. In other words, the system is not suitable for exams in which a same set of questions is given to all students (general exams).

An exam is available in the system for a certain period of time (or until further notice) during which students can take it when best suited for their own timetables. There are an exam rooms on all campuses (Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna) and an exam entered into the system can be taken in any of the exam rooms.

Exam rooms

Joensuu Campus: 

  • Carelia, room 2A (Social sciences), 2nd floor. There are ten stentti computers.
  • Natura N112, 1st floor. There are 14 exam computers. NOTICE! You need a key card to get in to the exam room. Please, check out Oppari's opening hours.

Kuopio Campus: 

  • Mediteknia 1029, 1st floor. There are eight stentti computers.
  • Canthia CA205, 2nd floor. There are 12 exam computers.

Savonlinna Campus:

  • Library B116b. There are four stentti computers.

Electronic Access Badge

Personal access badge is an electronic key, which you can claim in order to access electronic exam facilities. Read more in Kamu Student Handbook.





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Instructions for students

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