Publishing your dissertation

After your faculty has given you permission to defend the dissertation, you may publish it. The dissertations are usually published both in print and electronically. The University of Eastern Finland and many research centres have publications series, which publish doctoral dissertations. The University of Eastern Finland publication series have sub-series for dissertations.  You have to follow publishing instructions of your own sub-series (instructions can be found from the web-pages of the Doctoral programmes).

The dissertation must be published at least 10 days before the public examination. It is up to the candidate to make sure that the dissertation is available for viewing at the University Library by the deadline. It is not necessary to have the dissertation printed. If the dissertation is published only electronically, the candidate should nevertheless deliver a paper copy to the University Library.


These deadlines are intended as a tool for the doctoral candidate to plan his or her own, more detailed timetable. Furthermore, more detailed instructions should be checked with the responsible editor of the publication series.

After the faculty has given you permission to defend the dissertation:

  • Contact the responsible editor of the publication series in which your dissertation will be published.

1-2 months before the public examination:

  • Deliver the material to the responsible editor of the publication series.
  • Complete your dissertation and make sure it is ready for publishing.
  • Agree on how you will deliver your dissertation materials.

Approximately one month before the public examination:

  • The lay-out of your dissertation should be completed and ready for printing.
  • Obtain written approval from the responsible editor to print your dissertation.
  • Agree on the circulation of the preprints.
  • Check the final proof.
  • Contact the Communications and Media Relations Office: see Media Coverage.

 Ten days before the public examination:

  • The doctoral dissertation must be available for public viewing on all campuses of the university. The doctoral candidate should deliver the printed version of the dissertation to his or her own campus library and send the dissertation file to the library for online publishing.
  • The dissertation should be distributed to the members of the university community.
  • The dissertation should be delivered to the Rector on your campus (book an appointment with the secretary). Doctoral candidates in Joensuu and Savonlinna deliver their dissertation to the Rector on the Joensuu Campus, and doctoral candidates in Kuopio to the Academic Rector on the Kuopio Campus.