Publishing your dissertation

After your faculty has given you permission to defend the dissertation, you may publish it. The dissertations are usually published both in print and electronically. The University of Eastern Finland and many research centres have publications series, which publish doctoral dissertations. The University of Eastern Finland publication series have sub-series for dissertations.  You have to follow publishing instructions of your own sub-series (instructions can be found from the web-pages of the Doctoral programmes).

The dissertation must be published at least 10 days before the public examination. It is up to the candidate to make sure that the dissertation is available for viewing at the University Library by the deadline. It is not necessary to have the dissertation printed. If the dissertation is published only electronically, the candidate should nevertheless deliver a paper copy to the University Library.


These deadlines are intended as a tool for the doctoral candidate to plan his or her own, more detailed timetable. Furthermore, more detailed instructions should be checked with the responsible editor of the publication series.

After the faculty has given you permission to defend the dissertation:
    • Contact the responsible editor of the publication series in which your dissertation will be published.

1-2 months before the public examination:
    • Deliver the material to the responsible editor of the publication series.
    • Complete your dissertation and make sure it is ready for publishing.
    • Agree on how you will deliver your dissertation materials.

Approximately one month before the public examination:
    • The lay-out of your dissertation should be completed and ready for printing.
    • Obtain written approval from the responsible editor to print your dissertation.
    • Agree on the circulation of the preprints.
    • Check the final proof.
    • Contact the Communications and Media Relations Office: see Media Coverage.
Ten days before the public examination
    • The doctoral dissertation must be available for public viewing on all campuses of the university. The doctoral candidate should deliver the printed version of the dissertation to his or her own campus library and send the dissertation file to the library for online publishing.
    • The dissertation should be distributed to the members of the university community.
    • The dissertation should be delivered to the Rector on your campus (book an appointment with the secretary). Doctoral candidates in Joensuu and Savonlinna deliver their dissertation to the Rector on the Joensuu Campus, and doctoral candidates in Kuopio to the Academic Rector on the Kuopio Campus.

 Permission to publish

After the doctoral candidate has been granted permission to defend the dissertation, he or she should contact the responsible editor of the series in question and apply for permission to publish it. The faculty will send the candidate a form for requesting permission to publish alongside with granting permission to defend the dissertation. Upon submitting the manuscript to the responsible editor, the candidate shall provide assurance that all the necessary copyrights and publishing rights have been obtained. Information on any reprinting permission shall be indicated on a separate page at the beginning of the publication, after the table of contents and any other indexes. Below are a few ways to indicate the reprinting permission. In Finnish: "Julkaistu (kustannusyhtiön nimi) luvalla." In English "Reprinted with kind permission by (name of the publishing house).

ISSN and ISBN numbers

All publication series and journals (also electronic) have an International Standard Serial Number, ISSN, and all publications published in series and monographs (also electronic) have an International Standard Book Number, ISBN. The numbers should be applied for from the University Library by sending an email to  Permission for the printing of the dissertation must have already been obtained at the time of applying for the numbers.


All university publications are published in a printing house designated by the university.

According to the publishing instructions, the formatted material should be submitted to the printing house as a PDF file or other supported format. The file or files can be delivered on various media (CD, DVD, USB drives, etc.) or by email. The maximum size of the email should be checked with the recipient. The creation of the PDF file is the responsibility of the doctoral candidate. It is also possible to commission the PDF file from an external agent, or this service can be included in the publishing agreement.

A preprint of the publication should be made before it is published. The preprint should be made from the ready-for-press file and in the final size and layout of the publication. The preprint shall be checked by the author, the responsible editor and a person appointed by the University Library. If the author is unable to check the preprint on the spot, checking should be performed on the PDF file. After the preprint has been approved, the printing house shall receive permission to print the dissertation.

The number of copies to be printed comprises exchange copies, copies for the library collection, free copies, copies to be distributed to the university community, archive copies and copies for sale.

Electronic publishing

The university makes its publications available online through an open publication archive, which can be freely accessed by anyone. In doing so, the university observes the Ministry of Education recommendations on promoting open access to scientific and scholarly publications. Electronic publishing also improves the visibility of research. Authors are recommended to promote electronic publishing, e.g., by obtaining the necessary publishing permissions. This not only improves the availability of information but also decreases publishing costs. The University Library is in charge of electronic publishing.

The file format used for all electronic materials published by the University of Eastern Finland is PDF. The author should deliver the file to the University Library in compliance with the online publishing instructions. The version to be published online must be identical to the version approved by the faculty. Moreover, no changes can be made to the electronic version after it has been published. However, it is possible to include an errata page at the end of the electronic version.

Dissertation distribution and exchange

It is customary for the doctoral candidate to deliver complete copies of the dissertation to members of the university community well in advance of the public examination. The dissertation should be delivered at least to the Rector on the candidate's campus and to the departments, schools and professors of the candidate's faculty. Furthermore, copies of the dissertation should be delivered to the opponent and custos well before the public examination. The candidate should also deliver a printed version of the dissertation to his or her campus library for public viewing. The University Library specifies a sufficient number of copies needed for inter-university dissertation exchange. These copies are included in the faculty's number of copies. The doctoral candidate should discuss all aspects relating to the dissertation and public examination with the persons dealing with them at his or her own faculty well before the public examination.

The University Library sends dissertations and other publications of the university to its exchange partners and includes them in the library collections. The responsible editor will agree with the library on the number of copies to be made for the publication series.

Sales and marketing

The University Library is responsible for publication sales. Marketing, on the other hand, is done in cooperation with the Communications and Media Relations Office.

The university sells its publications both in Finland and abroad. University publications are also marketed to national and international book dealers to be retailed. The income from publication sales is used to cover publishing and sales costs.  The library defines the prices based on the production costs and the series' general price level.

All university publications are indexed in the online library database. University publications can be ordered by mail, telephone, fax and email and via the virtual bookstore, Granum. Further information on the order and delivery costs and terms of delivery can be found on the publication sales website and in the price list.

The University Library is responsible for the archiving of university publications.