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University of Eastern Finland participates in YUFE Virtual Campus

  • Education and learning environments

Together with its European partners, the University of Eastern Finland is involved in the creation of a new, European virtual campus, the YUFE Virtual Campus. Next academic year will witness more than 100 online courses offered by different universities, all of them to be delivered in English.

“The YUFE Virtual Campus is a joint initiative by the partners in the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) network. I’m very pleased to see how quickly we were able to put together a diverse selection of courses from different universities,” Academic Rector Tapio Määttä says.

The University of Eastern Finland will be offering a total of 13 online courses on the YUFE Virtual Campus next academic year.

The Law School will offer two courses.

“For the Law School, this is natural way to strengthen internationalisation in our education. YUFE also has potential to create new ways of implementing continuous learning,” Deputy Head of the Law School Sampo Mielityinen says.

The Language Centre of the University of Eastern Finland, on the other hand, will contribute to the virtual campus by offering the course Beginner's Finnish for Studies and Work. Besides students in the YUFE partner universities, the course also caters to the needs of the University of Eastern Finland’s international students, for whom Finnish language skills play a major role in finding employment in Finland.

“The course makes it possible for students to familiarise themselves with the Finnish language and culture already on their home campus. This lowers the threshold for choosing eastern Finland as a place to study and work, and, for its part, also showcases the expertise of our multidisciplinary university,” says Director of Language Centre Lauri Tolkki.

The courses offered on the virtual campus focus on European identity and responsibilities in a global world, citizens’ well-being, digital societies, and sustainability. More detailed information on the available courses and instructions on how to apply will be prepared in the summer and autumn 2020.

YUFE is one of the 17 European university alliances selected for funding by the European Commission to develop European-wide university models.  In addition to the University of Eastern Finland, the YUFE partners include Maastricht University in the Netherlands (coordinator), the University of Antwerp in Belgium, the University of Bremen in Germany, Carlos III University of Madrid in Spain, the University of Essex in the UK, the University of Cyprus, the University of Rome Tor Vergata in Italy, the University of Rijeka in Croatia, and Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland.

Courses offered by the University of Eastern Finland on the European virtual campus in the academic year 2020-2021. All courses will be delivered in English. The school/department responsible for the course is indicated in parentheses:

  • Law and the Internet (Law School)
  • EU Climate Change Law and Policy (Law School)
  • Innovative Digital Teaching and Learning (School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education)
  • Active Citizenship and Non-formal Education (School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, education and adult education)
  • Technology as a support for learning of mathematics (Department of Physics and Mathematics)
  • Global Migration and European Identity (Department of Social Sciences)
  • Inclusive learning environments (School of Educational Sciences and Psychology)
  • Basics of Open and Responsible Science: Open Access Publishing and Research Data (University of Eastern Finland Library)
  • Practicing Sensory Studies (School of Humanities)
  • Beginner's Finnish for Studies and Work (Language Centre of the University of Eastern Finland)
  • Existential Wellbeing in Plural Societies (School of Theology)
  • Intercultural Communication Competence (School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education)
  • Minor studies in Tourism module (Business School), consisting of the following courses: Consumer Behavior in Tourism; Marketing and Managing Tourism Destinations; Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Business; Introduction to Tourism Studies; Digital Tourism Business

For further information, please contact:

Tapio Määttä, Academic Rector, tel. +358 50 575 1589

Anna Jetsu, UEF's YUFE Student Journey Coordinator,

The YUFE website