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Academy of Finland awards 2.5 million euros of funding to seven research projects at UEF

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The Research Council for Culture and Society at the Academy of Finland awarded on 28 May funding to seven Academy Projects at the University of Eastern Finland. The funding secured by UEF researchers amounts to approximately 2.54 million euros.

The University of Eastern Finland’s share of the funded projects is 9.2 per cent. The Research Council for Culture and Society granted funding for 58 Academy Projects, with the overall funding amounting to 29 million euros. Fourteen of the funded projects are consortium projects and the total number of sub-projects is 74.

In addition to high scientific quality of the research plan, the Research Council paid special attention to projects that combine high quality with strong academic and societal impact and/or science renewal.

A list of the funded projects and their descriptions can be found here

The following University of Eastern Finland researchers secured funding:

Armila, Päivi (leader of the DEQUAL consortium): DEQUAL: Capturing Digital Social Inequality Young digi-natives’ asymmetrical agencies within socio-technical imperatives and imaginaries / Consortium: DEQUAL. 279,166 euros

Belinskij, Antti: Regoverning the Existing Hydropower System: Integrating ecological, economic and societal aspects of sustainability / Consortium: SusHydro. 279,982 euros

Pölönen, Ismo: Transforming anatomies of democratic planning: Combining planning-theoretical and legal perspectives on flexible regulation in Finnish land use law (TRANAPLAN) / Consortium: ABE-UEFLC. 280,000 euros

Sakki, Inari: Mobilising Populism: Its representations, affects and identities. 480,000 euros

Suhonen, Niko: Do IQ and personality predict risk-taking behaviour? - An empirical real-world study using gambling account data. 478,754 euros

Thurén, Lauri: Parables as Persuasive Narratives. 467,012 euros

van Asselt, Harro: Transformative Transparency? Assessing the Effects of Reporting and Review in the International Climate Change Regime (TRANSCLIM / Consortium: TRANSCLIM. 280,000 euros

More information: please find the researchers’ contact details in UEF Connect.