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Virtual Open Day

Welcome to the first UEF Open Day on 25 November
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Our Virtual Open Day starts with an Opening Session “We are UEF”. This part of the event includes opening words from our Academic Rector, Tapio Määttä, a visual presentation of our university and an interview of Siamäk Naghian, CEO of Genelec, Iisalmi-based, internationally renowned sound system manufacturer. 

In addition our opening session includes a short virtual tour of our campus areas and experiences of our students about living and studying in Finland. 

After the Opening Session we organized a group of Zoom rooms. Each of the Zoom rooms had their own topic to cover. Please see the descriptions of the Zoom rooms under.

Zoom rooms

Bachelor´s Degree Programmes

  • Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development. The programme gives you an opportunity to learn in a multicultural and diverse context, how sustainable development can be advanced locally and globally, using innovative out-of-school learning spaces and methods typical to adult and lifelong learning (intergenerational or informal learning, nonformal education, associations, workplaces, organizations, civic movements etc.).  
  • Social Sciences. Presentation of the new Bachelors Degree Programme in Social Sciences and its first application round. 

Master´s Degree Programmes

  • Biomedicine. The Master ́s Degree Programme in Biomedicine is a unique combination of science education and medical competence offered by the UEF School of Medicine. The programme provides the student with a strong theoretical background in biomedicine and hands-on expertise in modern biomedical research methods and techniques. The students will learn, not only about the current developments, but also near future challenges to molecular biomedicine, especially genome-based diagnostics and personalized treatments. 
  • General toxicology. Presentation on the master's programme. Possibility to meet staff and former student, and ask programme or study related questions. 
  • Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication. Warmly welcome! This presentation will give you with a quick overview over the master's degree programme in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication and will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your questions about the content, experiences  or expectations about the program by interacting in an active exchange with current students from this program. 
  • Environmental Health and Technology and Biology of Environmental Change. The Master's Degree Programme in Biology of Environmental Change (BEC) aims to increase student's knowledge of biological and biogeochemical aspects of the state of the environment. Master's Degree Programme in Environmental Health and Technology (ENHET) is a highly multidisciplinary programme, aiming at combining comprehensive understanding of human exposure and health effects with technological solutions to reduce the effects. 
  • Environmental Policy and Law. Interested in becoming a professional in environmental policy and law? Our programme consists of advanced study of law and policy in relation to the environment, climate change and natural resources, and it may be just what you’re looking for! Graduates receive either a degree of Master of Social Sciences (MSocSc) or Master of International and Comparative Law (MICL).
  • European Forestry & MSc Forestry (CBU & Transfor-M). Are you interested in forestry and forest-based bioeconomy? Come and join our Hop on Hop off room to learn about our MSc programmes in forest sciences and what we can offer to you. 
  • International Business and Sales Management. Ready for global business? Inspired with sales, excited about global opportunities? International organizations and sales units call for business professionals who understand the phases of internationalization and the essence of modern sales work. Welcome to hear more about the studies at the IBS Programme! 
  • Linguistics. Presentation of Master's Degree Programme in Linguistic Data Sciences and Master's Degree Programme in English Language and Culture. 
  • Medical Physics. Master's Degree Programme in Medical Physics is a multidisciplinary two-year master's degree programme that combines high-level research and teaching. The master’s programme will equip the student with specialist skills in the field of medical physics. 
  • Pedagogy and Teaching for Sustainability. Presentation of Master's Degree Programme in Pedagogy and Teaching for Sustainability. 
  • Photonics, Imagining and Light in Extended Reality (IMLEX), Photonics for Security Reliability and Safety (PSRS) and Computational Colour and Spectral Imagining (COSI)Photonics is technology that focuses on the generation, detection, and management of light, enabling the use of light in different areas that are essential to society and the economy. A degree in photonics can lead you to an exciting career in many different fields including information and communication technology, lighting and manufacturing, image analysis, security, defense, space, life sciences, and medical technology. 
  • Public Health. Introduction to Master of Public Health programme (MPH) and its' tracks: Globe, Culture and Public Health, Epidemiology, Public Health Nutrition and Health Promotion in Nursing Science. 
  • Tourism Marketing and Management. Master's Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management is not only about making money; we aim to make tourism better. Better for tourism businesses, better for tourists, better for the environment and better for local communities. This is what we teach our students and this is what the students can do when they have finished our degree programme. 

Doctoral Programmes

  • Student Exchange in the Middle of Knowhere (Incoming). Are you interested in coming to UEF for an exchange period? Would you like to know how things work out at our end? This session is for you!
  • Outgoing Exchange Opportunities at UEF. All UEF students have a chance to spend a semester abroad during their studies at the UEF. In this room, we'll tell you about the outgoing exchange process (application, eligibility) and what available exchange options there are for our students! .

UEF – Student and Development Services

  • Admissions. University of Eastern Finland offers two Bachelor's degree programmes and a wide variety of Master's degree programmes taught in English. Please find out how to apply for these studies. 
  • International study options through European University alliance YUFE. As a student of UEF, you will have possibilities to take studies from ten European universities. You may choose a selection of studies and extracurricular activities - from online studies, to blended learning, physical student exchange and volunteering activities. 
  • Talent Hub / Employment in Finland. What do you need to know about employment in Finland during and after your studies? How to find job -- where to find help? 
  • UEF Alumni Around the World. Welcome to listen to stories from UEF Alumni around the world, sharing their experiences of studying at UEF and where they are now. 
  • UEF Global Education Services. We offer a range of teaching, expert and training services based on multidisciplinary study fields and research.  There are several models of implementation of training, training can take place:  In Finland, in the destination country, online, or be a combination of these.   We are constantly looking for new international partners for networking. 

Virtual tours of our campuses

Virtual tour of the Joensuu campus

Virtual tour of the Kuopio campus

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