UEF has its own motivational song

Tuesday 15 September 2015 witnessed the publication of UEF's new motivational song, called State of the Smart, on the university's YouTube channel. We are now challenging all members of UEF to make their own versions of the song. The genre is free and the instrument can be anything ranging from a recorder to an accordion. The main thing is to capture the UEF attitude, smart and casual.  We are hoping to see plenty of different versions of the song over the autumn.

So be brave, accept our challenge and help us turn this song into the university's common hit!

You can share your version of the song on a social media channel of your choice. Just remember that tipping us at Communications and Media Relations off on your song will bring it additional visibility. Song tips and further information about the UEF song challenge: viestinta [at] uef.fi



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