Governmental Security Strategy as a Shaper of Legislation

Public examination of a doctoral dissertation in the field of Legislative Studies

Doctoral candidate: LicScAdmin Harriet Lonka

Date and venue: 11.11.2016 at 12 noon, AT100, Agora building, Joensuu campus

Language of the public examination: Finnish

Language of the dissertation: Finnish

This thesis explores the security strategy work as a tool for governmental leadership focusing on implementation of strategy via legislation. Security strategy refers to the study object which is the strategy process reported in the governmental resolutions The Strategy for Securing the Functions Vital to Society in 2003 and 2006 and the resolution The Security Strategy for Society in 2010.

The methodological approach of the work connects to the systems thinking. The government is a subject affecting the system by its administrative and political leadership including the legislative work. The strategy work is a tool to define the goals, follow up the processes and to support the different governmental actors in managing their work in line with the strategy. The legislative study approach enables an analysis of the means which combine the societal demands, the democratic and political value settings and the substantive goals of the administrative sections in forming the legislation. The empirical material of this study comprises 24 interviews of the chiefs of ministries in two rounds. The study findings are elaborated and analysed in three partly overlapping dimensions which are: aiming at rationality, defining public value and taking into account emergence and complexity in the decision making process.

The key finding of this research is that the governmental security strategy process enables the forming of the common understanding of cross-sectional security issues among the government ministries. The most important legislative developments might have taken place also without the common strategy work. Yet the sharing of information and enhanced understanding of the specific needs in security matters of each and every governmental ministry has improved the security knowledge oriented legislative process at the whole-government level. From the regulatory theory perspective the importance of this research lies in its focus on the government resolutions’ role as part of the legislative process.

The doctoral dissertation of LicScAdmin Harriet Lonka, titled ‘Governmental Security Strategy as a Shaper of Legislation’, will be examined at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies. The Opponent in the public examination will be Professor Esa Hyyryläinen of the University of Vaasa and the Custos will be Professor Anssi Keinänen of the University of Eastern Finland.

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