University of Eastern Finland among the best universities for teaching excellence in Europe

The University of Eastern Finland performed well in the newly released Times Higher Education Europe Teaching Rankings, being ranked in the 126–150 range. All in all, 258 universities across 18 countries in Europe were included in the ranking, and this was the first time Finnish universities featured in the ranking. Besides the University of Eastern Finland, other Finnish universities to participate in the ranking were the University of Jyväskylä (ranked in the 76–100 range) and Häme University of Applied Sciences (ranked 200+).

Organised for the second time, the Times Higher Education Europe Teaching Ranking 2019 analysed universities in four core performance pillars and in the light of 14 performance indicators. The performance pillars were resources, engagement, outcomes and environment.

The results of the THE European Student Survey stand at the core of the ranking, examining a range of key issues including students’ engagement with their studies, their interaction with teachers, the quality of services at the institution and their opportunities to develop skills which help prepare them for a career after university. The THE European Student Survey plays a major role in the ranking, as it feeds into six of the performance indicators, accounting for 45 per cent of universities’ final scores.

Data from a variety of other sources were also used in the ranking. Besides the THE European Student Survey, direct submissions from institutions, Elsevier’s bibliometric dataset and data from the THE Academic Reputation Survey were used, as well as data from national statistical agencies.

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